zero up fred lam review

Zero Up by Fred Lam Review – Is it really worth it ?

Fred Lam is silently working on the eCommerce businesses for around 12 years now. He has also helped to generate more than $20 Million in the sales completely from the blueprint that he is going to share inside Zero Up!

Fred Lam is the experts of the world in Media Buying. Right from the FB ads to the Adwords and BING – he has already mastered the art of getting enough traffic for pennies! Across Fred’s venture, you will see he has discovered over three major flaws in the e-Commerce world.

zero up fred lam review

Obstacles – It is hard for the beginner to crack the eCommerce market. There’re a lot of big obstacles, which stop the people in tracks.

Technology – It is not easy to put up the store. Setup the tracking and automate the products and order. No anymore! It is now 100% automated and click-click!

Coaching – Let us face this. In life, whatever we do – we always get support and help. However, why it is different from starting the Internet Business? It is why Fred is 100% accessible to help the students!

Fred Lam’s eCommerce Program

Let us see what you will get inside Zero Up members area. This system is been divided into nine modules. Here you will find the overview of all of them.

Product Engine –Sort, find, select and then publish your products with some clicks of a mouse. So, all you need to do is type your URL, niche, market, and keyword to find the items on AliExpress that you can sell. This is done in some minutes with step by step procedure.

Ad Ideas –The feature that enables simple ad management and creation right inside the member’s area.

Order Status – The information about the orders, which include the order number, customer name, date purchased, order date, total, order ID or actions.

Tracking Status –It gives you an ability to know where and when the sold products are or when they may arrive at the customer.

Email Integration – You can build the list by collecting the email from the visitors or customers to send promos.

Funnel Builder – The point-and-click page & funnel builder.

Profit Multiplier – This will increase the profits with an e-z image, texts, video or coupon creator.

Training – Eight video training modules that include creating the store, turbocharging, inventory arbitrage, advertising, sales funnel creation, traffic genius, management, and how to scale it efficiently.

Knowledgebase – The frequently asked questions & tips.

Zero Up Bonus and Free Traffic

Now you can have the Shopify store build & manage with the Fred Lam’s system, and you will require traffic.  So, more traffic means more visors and that will give you more customers and more profits. Whereas Fred gives different kinds of the traffic source, just my bonus provides you an unlimited organic traffic free.

What does it mean? This means that the Shopify store (website) can be ranked on the Google page or other engines for the keywords that are related to your niche or store free by me.

How Does the Zero Up Works?

Zero Up is the revolutionary app, which automates grunt work and eliminates technological challenges for the store owners. You can stay connected with the App and take benefit of the features, which are accessible including the pre-designed themes, then click and drag the landing page and funnel builder. Customers will directly purchase the AliExpress products on the store and order is automatically placed by AliExpress. When the order is fulfilled, tracking number from the AliExpess is automatically updated for the customer so you don’t need to worry about this process. You may create the front-end, down sell and upsell pages automatically with the simple click and drag tool.


  • It has complete order fulfillment automation
  • The App has got intelligent product engine
  • Zero up is the profit multiplier and you can find drag & drop funnel builder
  • The App consists of the advanced email integration
  • It works if you have the web browser
  • The application is totally web-based & cloud hosted
  • It is straightforward and you do not need any manual.
  • It must be dealt with by the specialist in the eCommerce layout.


  • 100% of foolproof success cannot be guaranteed, more than 80% of the people have got success with it
  • Without the internet connection, you cannot access the program.

Final Words

By now, you will see how simple it is to have the completely automated store online. So, why are you waiting now? Go and order your first copy!

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