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Why you should use YoWhatsApp ? Features of YOWA Explained

Whatsapp has become a mode of communication among people sharing their information through it every day. These days, from a businessman to a school teacher- everyone is using it. A survey reveals that the 1.5 billion people have already marked their presence on it by the end of December last year. Users share information like photos, documents, contacts, videos etc., with one another.

There are various kinds of Whatsapp available in the digital marketplace. Even the messenger trend is at its peak. You can also develop such messenger like applications. If you are still unaware of app development technology you can join Android Development Course and explore all the phases involved from development to testing and deployment. Probably you may be unaware of these tweaked versions because you can’t get them on the Google PlayStore. Again few people think that the applications which are not available over the Play Store are not safe for downloading as they can be malware. But let me tell you one thing, it’s purely a myth.

whatsapp interface

Here, I’m going to tell you about one of the advanced version of WhatsApp which is almost similar to the WhatsApp you are currently using. This application name is the YoWhatsApp. We have already explained about this application in one of our previous articles. Let’s explore this application in depth. You can try its alternative i.e FMWhatsApp

Features of the YoWhatsApp :

The owner of the YoWhatsApp Yosef Al-Basha offered us the latest version of YoWhatsApp. You can download it from here. In this version, you will get the benefit of hiding last seen, grey and blue tick marks, theme, status showing online like features. You will wonder that the recall function was firstly introduced by YoWhatsApp than the official app. Through recall function, one can delete their sent message even after delivery, it will disappear from both ends. Now, allow me to explain a few more features of this application:

  1. Appearance same as the real WhatsApp.
  2. Enhanced User Interface design, easy to use
  3. Impressive fonts
  4. One can send media files up to the capacity of 700 MB
  5. It allows users to send multiple kinds of documents such as in the format of Zip file, APK file, psd, exe etc.
  6. One can set MOD privacy according to their need. The user will decide who can view their status, who can make call them, and many more.
  7. A user can hide their blue and grey ticks on message delivery. They can also hide last seen.
  8. One can keep their information private with the screen lock features like YOWA and Chat lock.
  9. One cool feature of this application is the Anti-Delete message which allows a user to restrict access to any message so that no one can delete it from both the ends.
  10. A user can also hide their WhatsApp documents such as images, videos etc., from the phone gallery.
  11. The user can select emojis and tick designs from the vast range of varieties.
  12. From YoThemes Store, you can get more than thousand of the attractive themes and install it in just a single click showing apply button.


There are various misconceptions like is it safe to download? Don’t worry. It is 100 percent safe. Even you can run both the apps on the same mobile phone. But do remember one thing, you can only make login with a single number in the single app at a time.

Wrapping Up:

Thus, if you want to feel the essence of the premium WhatsApp then this application is one of the best options. Start exploring the internet, you will get to encounter various magical application like this. But, keep one thing in your mind that not all the application available outside the Play Store are safe. Investigate them closely then only download them on your cell phone otherwise, it can bring trouble for you.

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