AI in healthcare

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a period where we look at the growing mental health problems facing the world, as well as the problems that come with not receiving enough mental help. Many people do not get the help they need, and that’s a shame. Just as your device can overheat, your brain can burn out, get stressed, depressed, or you just have no clue what to do with your life.

Thankfully, technology has made getting the help you need easier than ever. Here are some reasons why online therapy and telehealth has been making waves.

Everyone Has a Way to Communicate

Whether people are young, older,  kids, adults, rich, or poor, they have some kind of device. A smartphone, a computer, a tablet, the list goes on. And chances are, they have Internet that allows them to communicate to the world. Even if they do not, there are places they can go to Wi-Fi.

Help Anywhere

Meanwhile, not everyone has a therapist near them. You may live in a one-horse town where the health options are limited and requires more driving than you feel it’s worth. Perhaps you don’t have transportation and you don’t have anyone to take you. Or maybe you’re afraid to leave the house and not get the help you need. Kids and parents can also work together, and parents can go here for good ways to connect with their kid.

An online therapist helps you get help anywhere you have access to the Internet or a phone. It makes the process much easier, especially because you can have an episode anywhere.

Work Around Your Own Schedule

Many people do not work the 9 to 5. They may have odd schedules that make it impossible to talk to a qualified therapist. Some people may sleep during the day and stay up at night.

An online therapist may be a night owl like you are, allowing for easy communication and access to help at an hour that isn’t bad for you.

Plus, some people just have busy schedules. Students, workaholics, the list goes on. An online therapist can help you find time in your busy schedule to communicate and make sure that you get the help you need.

Connect to a Therapist Best for You

Some people want an older therapist whose techniques are time tested. Others want a young therapist with fresh ideas. Some may want a woman, others may want a man. Some may want a therapist who specializes in traditional methods such as cognitive behavior therapy, while others may want a music therapist or someone who has an alternative approach.

Online therapy gives you many choices and allows you to find the therapist who is right for you. You can be able to find the best fit for you therapy and be able to find the therapist who works best for you.

Communicate How You Want to

Some people don’t like to talk to newcomers, or may have a hard time being social. Others love a face-to-face chat. Online therapy gives you many options. You can talk to a licensed therapist via text, phone, video chat, and perhaps in person if you’re in the same area. Or you may use a combination of everything. You may video chat at home, and then text during a commute where you must be quiet.

Therapy for Any Budget

An online therapist may offer discounted rates, a sliding scale of payment, or work pro bono just to help you. Many do not seek the help they need because therapy is expensive. As it turns out, you can find therapy for the right budget.

If you need help, seek it today.


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