WhatsApp Dare Games

WhatsApp Dare Games With Question & Answers

Are you looking for the WhatsApp Dare Games, Puzzles, WhatsApp Riddles, Quiz, Questions & Answers? If yes then keep reading this as we are going to share them all throughout the article.

Do You use Whatsapp messenger? You must be using it. I know it because WhatsApp is used by almost everyone nowadays.

WhatsApp is basically used to chat with our friends and family. But you might have experienced that sometimes chatting for a long time makes you very much bored.

Not only this but sometimes many people don’t have things to talk about to their girlfriend or crush. So in this article, we are going to provide Whatsapp Dare Games. These games are going to be fully unique.

These WhatsApp Dare Games will surely remove the boredom. And not only this it will become fun and more and more interesting. At least once in your life yo,u must have played truth or dare, in school or in college or in coachings too. This is going to be same like that but more interesting.

WhatsApp Dare Games
WhatsApp Dare Games

You might have seen that as soon as we join a new class, coaching or college WhatsApp groups are made immediately. Not only these, but WhatsApp groups are also made between friends and best friends. So WhatsApp Dare games can be proven best for be played in WhatsApp groups.

The best thing about WhatsApp Dare Games is that these games become more and more interesting when the questions asked in the games are related to personal lives. People who love to play games like these should read this whole article and have fun.

In this article, we are going to provide some best WhatsApp sare games. These WhatsApp dare games include games for crush, girlfriend, friends and best friends too. People who are choosing dare or truth should do so without hesitating as this is the main concept of WhatsApp dare games.

Best Whatsapp Dare Games For Friends

Most of us love playing WhatsApp Games with our best friends. Do you also wanna give it a try? Well, here is the latest WhatsApp Questions with Answers which you can ask your friends. Also, ask to answer within a given time otherwise he/she will be disqualified from the game.

Ques1. If money starts growing on trees, then what will be the effect?

Ans1. It is very simple, girls will start dating the monkeys.

Ques2. Where was the first potato of the world found?

Ans2. Obviously in the ground.

Ques3. What is that special thing that only comes down and does not goes up?

Ans3. Rain.

Ques4. Which trick will you use to for lifting an elephant on one hand?

Ans4. It requires no trick as nobody can find an elephant with one hand.

Ques5. When combined which two words holds the most letters?

Ans5. Post office

Ques6. How can a man survive and work for 10 days without sleep?

Ans6. This is not a problem as he sleeps at night.

Ques7.What is the best and easiest way to see heaven instantly?

Ans7. Just stand in front of a mast moving truck or train.

WhatsApp Dare Games

Best Whatsapp Dare Games For Crush

If you have a crush on sometime and want to impress him/her, just check out the dare given in this section.

whatsapp dare games

Dare: Pick any number between 1 to 22 and I’ll send you your own dare. Examine the Solution!

  • The quality you enjoy the most on your own?
  • The caliber you’d love to change on your own?
  • What do you enjoy about me?
  • What is the thing that you do not like in me?
  • Compose your crush title on your position.
  • Are you going to kill anybody if you get a proposal? If so, Who’s the person?
  • In your interest, the individual who you prefer to marry.
  • Send me the most adorable picture of yours.
  • Describe me in 1 word which should men perfect.
  • My contact name onto your mobile phone.
  • The nickname that you need to provide me?
  • Things you enjoy most about me?
  • The color that matches me?
  • Relation standing that you are interested in being with me? (No cheating)
  • What you enjoy most about my personality?
  • What you hate in my mindset?
  • Which sort of gowns suits me the most?
  • Dedicate a song to your own connection?
  • Rate my WhatsApp profile image from 100?
  • Your Very Best Friend.
  • What’s your view on me?
  • What’s your crazy fantasy?

Dare: Select any blessed Number and I’ll send you Dare to your chosen.  Remember you can not back out in the event that you decide to play this emptiness.

  1. Make my photograph that your WhatsApp DP.
  2. What would you enjoy the most about me?
  3. What sort of connection can you expect from me?
  4. Rate my looks from 1 to 10.
  5. Say me I Love You.
  6. Propose to me personally.
  7. Inform me your connection status-Single or Committed.
  8. What attributes do you hunt on your own life partner?

  Whatsapp Dares for Boyfriend / Girlfriend

WhatsApp Games for Lovers

  1. Make my title as your standing stating you need to marry me.
  2. Say I love you in the hottest and the naughtiest way you don’t have done till now.
  3. Who was the first crush of yours?
  4. Would you sense naughty and hot yesterday
  5. Everything you’d done precisely before sleeping yesterday
  6. On that day of the week that you need to date me
  7. You miss me Again you are blessed, just like by forwarding this to others
  8. What you feel as if you see any intimate scenes in films how can you feel, whenever there’s a vulgar scene begin playing at the film sitting with your loved ones.
  9. Just how much you want to see singing and romantic scenes?

Dare: Pick any of your favorite number from under.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)


(1) You have to do a recharge of minimum 100 rupees on my phone number.

(2) Send me the most adorable picture of yours.

(3) Send me a voice note stating you love me the most in the world.

(4) Everything you enjoy the most about me?

(5) Tell me the title of your very first GF/BF?

(6) Compose a WhatsApp status stating”I Love Dhinchak Pooja” for following 24 hours!!

(7) Send me the picture that reveals the least clothing on you.

(8) With that which you did your first kiss?

(9) Rate my Appearance from 1 to 10.

(10) What would you need our connection to be?

WhatsApp Puzzles

Most of the people loves playing WhatsApp Quiz or WhatsApp puzzles. These Puzzles also improves the thinking capacity as well as increases the knowledge you have. Just send these WhatsApp Riddles to your friends and ask them to answer as soon as possible. You can also put some more terms and conditions to make the game more attractive.

whatsapp dare games

Confession WhatsApp dare 1 to 20:

Dare: Select any heart emoji number and involving 1 to 20 and I’ll send my figure on your confession, quickly?

  1. A very long smooch
  2. ice cream party
  3. As a buddy with benefits
  4. Authentic and best friendship
  5. A picture together
  6. Slow dance with me
  7. long drive
  8. 1 song for me
  9. date me
  10. Rain dance together
  11. Want to create a passionate love
  12. I want to be the GF/BF
  13. A large tight hug
  14. 1 share
  15. Want u back into life
  16. chilling together
  17. Talent
  18. A prank with me
  19. Another opportunity


WhatsApp Dare Games for Lovers [Select a Colour]

This is the most popular Dare which has been played a lot by many couples. This dare is based on choosing a color and this will also reveal the secret of your lover.

Dare: Select some of your favorite colors in the choices below and you need to perform based on color’s condition that I will send later.

Black | Grey | Green | Red | Yellow | White | Purple | Blue


Black: Create your spouse pic to your DP (display image ).

Grey: Request a neighbor to get a roll of toilet paper.

Green: Inform your deepest secret for your spouse.

Red: Upgrade your spouse no.  From the mobile phone.

Yellow: Do not speak with your spouse for 1 day.

White: Drink 1 bottle of pop in 10 minutes.

Purple: Read the past WhatsApp message in your spouse loudly.

Blue: Call your Mother and present her to your spouse.

WhatsApp Smiley Dare
WhatsApp Smiley Dare

WhatsApp Slam Book for Friends

Dare: Send this Fascinating WhatsApp Dare Questions List for your buddy and ask him to answer all of the specified 10 questions in two minutes.

  1. The quality you enjoy the most on your own?
  2. In case you have consented to Kiss any woman from your course, which Girl you choose to Kiss?
  3. What’s your crazy fantasy?
  4. Your very first Crush name?
  5. The caliber you would prefer the maximum in me?
  6. What do you despise in me?
  7. What that you would like to get shifted in me?
  8. In your interest, the individual who you prefer to marry.
  9. Your Very Best Friend.
  10. What’s your view on me?

Funny WhatsApp Riddles

WhatsApp Puzzles or Riddles are most trending these days. But, if we add some inside them it becomes more attractive and entertaining. Here’s another Funny WhatsApp Quiz with answers which you can send and enjoy with your friends.

Here’s an exceptional WhatsApp Quiz is given. Ask your friend to find the Words from the hidden Letters. Time limit to solve this WhatsApp Riddle is only 5 minutes.

For Eg:

  • Question: 26 L of the A
  • Answer: 26 Letters of the Alphabet
  • Now, it’s your turn. Solve below given 10 Quiz as fast as you can.


7 D of the W
24 H in a D
18 H on a G C
7 W of the W
6 B in an O
52 C in a P
206 B in a B
5 F on an H
64 S on CB
12 S of the Z


1) 7 Days of the Week
2) 24 Hours in a Day
3) 18 Holes on a Golf Course
4) 7 Wonders of the World
5) 6 Balls in an Over
6) 52 Cards in Pack
7) 206 Bones in Body
8) 5 Fingers of Hand
9) 64 Squares of Chess Board
10) 12 Signs of Zodiac

These were the most popular and amazing WhatsApp Dare Games which I wanted to share with you through this article. I hope you are already familiar with the procedure to play WhatsApp Games with Girlfriend, Boyfriend or friends. If not, then don’t worry as you don’t have to do anything. Just Copy these WhatsApp Puzzles, Quiz, Questions or Dare Games and send to anyone with whom you wanna play.

Final Words:

You can play this WhatsApp Riddles, Quiz or Games whenever you feel bored. I searched a lot and shared this collection with you. If you really loved our collection of WhatsApp Dare Games, please play them with your friends, family, and relatives. We have especially shared the WhatsApp Games for Lovers so that you can send and play this game with your lovers too. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, please drop a comment below.

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