turbo vpn for pc

Download Turbo VPN for PC Windows 7, 8 / Windows 10

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the safest way to browse the internet without giving away your identity to hackers or stalkers. In this modern era, where Privacy is a myth, VPN is pretty much required to stay secured and safe on the web. Well, there are a lot of VPN service providers out there in the market. However, most of them don’t hide your identity well and often your connection to the web isn’t encrypted to make it secure. Nonetheless, there are a few VPN service providers that you can trust blindly without having to worry about your privacy on the web.

Turbo VPN is one of those legitimate VPN service providers that provide VPN services to the users for free of cost. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to avail their service. Despite being a free VPN service provider, the quality of service is on par compared to other paid VPN service providers. Also, check out Mx Player for PC

turbo vpn for pc

Turbo VPN

In case if you don’t know what a VPN does or haven’t come across this term on the web, then here’s a brief info for you. To put in a simple manner, a virtual private network connects your smartphone or PC to a server that is located somewhere else and lets you browse the web using that server’s internet connection. This way, your actual identity will be replaced with the server’s identity, keeping you safe and secured. You may also like KineMaster for PC

Turbo VPN is known for doing its job flawlessly which is why millions of smartphone users prefer Turbo VPN over other VPN apps. Recently, we’ve been noticing a lot of users struggling to use the Turbo VPN on their computer or laptop. Well, the thing is that there is no official version of Turbo VPN available for PC. But, you can use the Turbo VPN on your PC using the following method.

How To Download Turbo VPN For PC ?

In order to use the Turbo VPN on your PC, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps properly. Also, make sure your Computer or laptop has an active internet connection.

  1. Download an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks on your PC by clicking on the link. You can download Bluestacks from here.
  2. Open the Bluestacks file and right-click on the installation file, select “Run as Admin”.
  3. Launch the Bluestacks Emulator after its successful installation on your PC.bluestacks player mx
  4. On the first step, you will have to log in your Google account in the Emulator.
  5. You can also create a new google account if you don’t wish to use your main account.
  6. Now open up the Google Play Store, from there you can install the Turbo VPN app on your Emulator.
  7. After successful installation of Turbo VPN app, you can start using it by creating your account in the app.


The whole process of downloading and setting up the Turbo VPN app on your PC would hardly take a few minutes. Just make sure you have a good internet connection, otherwise, you will have to face low connectivity speed. You can try this method on your Mac as well, just download the Mac version of Bluestacks. That’s it!

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