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How to Track Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone ?

Losing a phone is a very big loss for everyone. Not only for the cost, because it contains our personal information and details that we never want to lose. Unfortunately, if you lost your phone or it is stolen by someone and you are thinking where’s my phone ? Is it in the right hand ? Will I find my phone or not ? Do not lose your hope, you can get it back by tracking it. In this article, I am going to tell you How to Find and Track Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone. And if you couldn’t get your phone, you can at least wipe your personal data remotely.

Where’s my Phone? How Can I Find and Track Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone?

Various operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS comes with an inbuilt feature to track lost phone online. These tools help you to track the location of your phone, make your phone ring even it’s in silent mode, remotely lock your phone etc. Now, let’s see how these tools.

find stolen phone

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Android Phone : Android Device Manager

If you are using Android Phone, you are surely using Google account in it. Because without Google Account we cannot use many features in it like Play store to download the apps and games. Android Device Manager is an inbuilt tool for Android. By using this tool, you can easily track your lost or stolen phone. You can also make your phone ring, initiate a  factory data reset, lock your phone using a password. This tool is very simple to use. Here are the steps to find lost android phone. Also, read my article How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android without Root ?

  •  Firstly, Goto this link and log in with the same Google that you used in the Android phone that you want to track.
  • Once you logged in, you can perform various operations like locate your phone, factory reset, or lock your phone as shown in the below image.

track lost or stolen mobile phone

Play Sound : If you forgot where you placed your phone, simply use this tool to ring your phone for 5 minutes even it’s on silent mode.

Lock & Erase : If your phone has some important data that you don’t want to be misused by anyone, you can lock your phone or erase your data.

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Find Lost Windows Phone

Windows phones also have an inbuilt feature that can be used to perform various functions like erase data, lock your phone, get the current location and ring your phone in silent mode. You will also get the last seen status of your phone. You just need to log in with the Microsoft account that is used on your Windows Phone.

  • Just Goto this link and log in with your Microsoft account used on your mobile device.
  • Now, click on find my phone option and ring, lock, erase or locate your phone.

find lost windows phone

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Like Android and Windows, you can also find lost iPhone,iPad or other Apple devices. You just need to Login using your Apple ID credential to iCloud. You can also secure your phone remotely by locking it using a password.

  • Head over to iCloud and log in using your Apple ID.
  • After that click on “Find My iPhone” icon.
  • Now, perform various operations or locate your phone.

Samsung Devices

Samsung devices also allow their users to track their phones online. Users can easily locate, wipe etc. remotely. In order to use this feature, you just need to have a Samsung account logged in on your phone that you want to track.

  • Goto this link and login to your Samsung account.
  • Now, you will get the option to perform various operations.

Final Words :

We have shared the simplest way to find lost or stolen Android, iPhone or Windows Smartphone. So, By using this way you can track your lost or stolen mobile phone. I hope you got the answer to your question “Where is my phone ?”. Share this article with your friends and make sure to help them.

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