Top 5 Unique Hacks and Cheats of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an online multiplayer game that works only if you turn on your GPS location. This game allows a player to experience how if he/she turns into a wizard, and free roaming in an entire map while gathering foundables.

It also allows a user to attack against the preservers of the catastrophe to save and protect the International Statue for Wizard Secrecy. It does have several characters from the original series of Harry Potter.


Wizards Unite has a vault, where a player can store all their items. Just like, Pokémon GO has Pokedex. The in-game purchases are not well known, and there are several hints as the game contains in-game currencies through minimum transactions. Some resources in the game consist of magic wands and different potions.

Here are five unique hacks and cheats for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that every player must try out:

Unique Locations

Three unique locations exist on this map. Inns are a place where every player must visit, and gathers magical energy. It utilizes all of our mystical spells.

Inns are a unique location that can be found at muggle areas to gather food, and drinks that recharge the energy of a spell. Greenhouses are those houses that can be used to make different potions. A fortress is a special place where gamers can find the most substantial quantity of foundables easily.

You need to know when to release a magical spell

If a player is undergoing severe damage that is produced by the rival’s magical spell, a player needs to know when and where they should release their magical spell to beat the enemy. It is an ultimate Harry Potter: Wizards Unite cheats players use these days. It helps to earn resources in-game.

Move slowly in the map to make a huge bonus

You can also roam around the entire map to reveal and discover new places and locations. It all depends upon the level of intensity of a spell. The evidence can be a very small or huge one. Evidence can lead us to locate foundables. By using a hack, you will get all the available foundables on your game account.

Don’t forget to gather daily rewards

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite users will get individual bonus or rewards by logging into the game daily. The users will be able to earn free gold coins at the end of every week. If a player wants free gold every week, then one can log in daily.

Finish tasks

This game also allows a player to earn free gold coins, and other resources in-game. A player needs to finish the given tasks in the game. It merely works while completing daily, different tasks. If one successfully finishes the given task, then the player can easily collect free gold. If you are using a HPWU Mod, you will get unlimited gold coins on your game account.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an online multiplayer game that is based on location. You can use GPS spoofing tools, and fake GPS to move forward in-game without walking, and moving from the place. Pokémon GO is a game that is famous for this above hacks and cheats.

If you haven’t installed the game on your device, you can download it from here.

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