Thinking about learning web application development? Can’t decide which programming language to learn?

There are hundreds are programming languages to choose from. But as far as the IT job market is concerned, learning a language like Python would be a safe decision. In the last few years, plenty of programming languages promisingly arrived at the scene and vanished without a trace.


No one talks about Cobol or Fortran anymore. Even, once popular Perl is dying in 2019. Python has done things that other programming languages cannot do. Moreover, there are tons of open source libraries to make your life easy as a future Python developer.

Here are a few reasons you should consider learning Python(in 2019) over other languages like Java or PHP.

1. Python is beginner-friendly

Learning Python can be a piece of cake if you already are familiar with OOPS(Object Oriented Programming Language and Systems) concepts and you have learned basic programming languages like C and C++ in high school.

For someone who has no background in computer science might have to spend a few months learning the basics of programming. But the syntax is so easy that you can dive straight into application programming.

2. Python used in game development

I know there are other programming languages like C++ and Java are more popular for game development but Python comes right after them. You can create certain game prototypes with Python. As a beginner programmer, you will have to try out simple projects initially. This is where Pygame, a cross-platform set of Python comes into play.

3. Employers are desperately seeking Python developers

Phyton is also used in areas like Machine learning and Data Science. Data science is the highest-paid profile among other software development jobs, competition is also rising rapidly. Still, the supply is far less than the demand. Particularly, in countries like India and the US. According to a report from, the average salary for a Data Scientist is $113,436(annually).

4. You can solve day to day problems with Python

This is one of the biggest benefits of learning Python in 2019. For a software engineer, it is imperative to be able to solve tech-related issues all by themselves. For instance, with a simple boilerplate script, you can convert any image to a PDF format. When you know Python, you don’t need to buy a subscription-based app like CamScanner to convert an image to PDF. Just load all the images from the directory and process the images to other file formats.

5. Python has a growing community

Python Conference (PyCon) is an annual convention help across the globe by Python enthusiasts. Efforts are constantly being made to make more new graduates aware of how learning Python can change their life. Just visit the Python conference in your city and learn from the experienced developers themselves.

Can I learn Phyton for free?

CodeConquest has a list of some of the best resources to learn Python for free. Tutorial sites are very helpful when it comes to learning the syntax of any programming language. Some of them also provide an online compiler for you to try out the code then and there.


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