The Biggest Reasons To Learn JavaScript This Year

JavaScript is one of the most cherished programming languages. From webpages to games, JavaScript is used in almost every software application. Since 2010, there has been a steady release of JS-based frameworks from the engineers at Google. In 2010, the first version of JS framework “AngularJS” was released.

Surprisingly, it took the whole programming world by storm and since then, Google has released a total of 8 AngularJS versions. This post is intended to convince you to pick JavaScript as your first programming language over others.

Here are the biggest reasons to learn JavaScript in 2019

1. JavaScript is the most popular programming language


A popular programming forum known as StackOverflow had done a survey this year to learn a bit about the demographics of software programmers. By surveying nearly 90,000 developers, they concluded JavaScript to be the most popular programming language. 67.8% of the respondents voted JS to be their favorite programming language. The next on the line was HTML/CSS which got 63.5% votes.

2. The top 3 most used development frameworks are JS-based


In the 20-minute survey, they also asked participants to mention the framework they use the most. The first three on the list were JS-based frameworks. jQuery got 48.7%, React.js got 31.3% and Angular got 30.7%. No other framework comes even close. The survey shows how JavaScript is ruling the world of programming.

Moreover, the fact that there are plenty of open-source JavaScript frameworks available makes it more enticing for a new programmer to wanting to learn and work on JavaScript. There is already a vast community of developers in-place for new frameworks like Vue.js, Reason, React.js, Angular 8, and Polymer.js.

3. It is the 2nd most wanted programming language

According to the same survey, JavaScript after Python is the most wanted programming language. By wanted, I mean the developers who haven’t yet learned it but are desperate to get their hands wet. Most people who wish to learn JavaScript are either newbie programmers or backend developers who desire to add another notch to their belt(resume).

Moreover, it is also one of the least dreaded programming languages. The most dreaded being Microsoft’s event-driven programming language, Visual Basic (with 72% votes).

4. It is beginner-friendly

It is true that some of the most complex applications developed today use JavaScript as its server-side programming language. But from a newbie’s perspective, javascript is one of the most easy-to-learn and easy-to-practice programming languages.

You don’t need a special compiler to execute programs written in JavaScript. Your web browser can do the interpretation for you. Moreover, as you learn it’s syntax and basic functions, you can progressively dive into more complex stuff.


Think of C++ or VBA, how tough these programming languages are for a beginner programmer. The syntax is all over the place. Plus, there is no consistency in the platform. JavaScript is the antithesis of these older more complex programming languages.

I hope the above-mentioned points–also some results from the StackOverFlow survey–motivate and push you to learn JavaScript this year.

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