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The Best FPS Games for Your Chromebook [November 2019]

In a first-person shooter game, the player can only see their hand, holding a weapon, on the screen. FPS is mainly used where shooting a weapon is the major part of the game. It also allows a player to get a better look at the surroundings and shoot with much higher accuracy.

These days, there are hardly any shooter games developed with a third-person view. A third-person view serves well when the player wishes to watch himself/herself in action.

Here are the 5 latest first-person shooter(FPS) games for your Chromebook

1) Modern Strike Online– SWAT vs Terrorists

modern strike

Modern Strike is an FPS game developed and maintained by Azur Interactive Games Limited. It is developed for Android devices but can also be played on a Chromebook. Join the SWAT team and begin your mission to terrorists today. The best thing about this game is that you can restart the game with a single click if you were to get killed by a terrorist.

2) Modern Ops– A multiplayer FPS game

Looking for a multiplayer online FPS shooter game? Modern Ops might be the game you have been waiting for. I understand that you cannot play high definition games on a Chromebook. But this game has some astounding graphics and you will undoubtedly get lost in the missions. In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting a limited amount of weapons and ammo.

3) Bullet Force– Fast-paced FPS game

Bullet Force is an action game by Blayze Games. For the majority, this game is a first-person shooter game but they also show some third person views– to enhance your gaming experience. Not only the graphics are exceptionally real but there are a ton of maps you can choose from. With Bullet Force, you will never get bored. Just install this FPS game on your Chromebook and start shooting some opponents.

4) Infinity Ops– A multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi setting

Infinity Ops is another FPS game by Azur Interactive Games Limited. They make some realistic FPS games. This game will appeal to people who believe that artificial intelligence will take over humans in the future. The event of the game takes place in the future when technology had reached its peak and humans have decided to become a multiplanar species.

5) Dead Trigger 2– Zombie Apocalypse FPS game

Love killing zombies? Who doesn’t? Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie survival shooter FPS game by Madfinger Games. Install this game on your Chromebook and begin killing all sorts of weird-looking zombies.

The event of this game takes place in a world where a lethal virus has infected human species and turned them into zombies. These zombies have become a threat to our civilization and if not stopped will take over the planet.


Playing FPS games on a cloud-based OS is a whole different experience. Most of the program files in a Chromebook reside on the cloud, so you don’t need to worry about downloading them on a hard drive. To download more FPS games, just go to the Google Play Store and type in the search box. Most of the games are free of cost with some in-app purchases.


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