The term domain name refers to the URL or address of a website. This address will take a user to a particular website when it’s typed into the search bar of a browser. Every website has a unique domain name that cannot be used by any other website.

You can connect a domain name to your website without altering any of the content on your website. You can also disconnect a domain name from an existing website and connect it to another ecommerce website. A particular domain name will only take you to a single website so it cannot be connected to multiple websites.

You can conveniently change the domain name if you’re using Shopify to manage your ecommerce website. If you already own the new domain name, you can manually connect it to your online store or you can transfer its management to Shopify. If you don’t already have a domain name, you can use Shopify’s domain name generator to check the availability of a particular domain. You can register or buy a domain name directly through Shopify.

You don’t have to be stuck with a particular domain name for your online store because they’re easily changeable. If you find a better domain name for your online store, you can disconnect the current domain and add a new one using Shopify.

How To Change The Domain Name Using Shopify

If Shopify is your ecommerce platform of choice, follow these steps to successfully change your domain name or add a new one:

Step One – Remove A Domain

You can use Shopify to remove a third-party domain from your online store:

  • Go the Shopify admin page and click on Domains under Online Store
  • Navigate to the third-party domains section to find the domain that you want to disconnect
  • Click on the Remove button to confirm your selection

If you want to remove a Shopify-managed domain, you will have to contact customer support. You can no longer manage this particular domain using Shopify admin after it has been removed.

Step Two – Add Your Domain

Go to the Shopify Admin page and click on the “Connect existing domain” section. Type in the new domain name in the text field and click on the ‘Next’ button.

You can also use the same text field to add subdomains under the primary domain for your online store. For example, if the primary domain is “”, you can enter “” to get a subdomain for a particular store section of your website.

You can use the “Manage Domains” section to track all the domains and subdomains added to your store. It can also be used to renew the license for your domain name and remove a domain from your store.

Step Three – Update CNAME Record

If you buy a domain from a third party vendor like Hostgator, Godaddy, or Fatcow, you need to perform some extra steps.

You need to update the DNS settings and connect the address record to the IP address of Shopify.

Go the domain provider’s website and log into your account with the new domain name for your Shopify store. Choose your DNS setting and look for checkboxes or a list of drop-downs or editable fields. Add your new address record with “A” or “@” and type the IP address of Shopify in the given field.

Now, you have to change the CNAME record to point to your Shopify store. Locate the CNAME record of your online store and type your new domain name in the “Points to” field and save the changes.

Step Four – Verify The New Domain

Go to the Shopify admin panel and press ‘Verify Connection’ to confirm the connection of the new domain name to your online store. This verification process may take up to 48 hours to complete, after which it will start pointing to your online store.

Step Five – Make It Your Primary Domain

After the verification is completed, you’ll have to set this new domain name as the primary domain of your store.

Follow these steps to change your primary domain:

  • Go to the Shopify admin panel and click on Online Store and navigate to the Domains section.
  • Go the Primary domain tab and select Change primary domain.
  • Now you can choose to change your primary domain from a list of Shopify managed and third-party domains
  • Save your changes

Domain name

Shopify lets you choose a domain name from both Shopify-managed and third-party domains.

This will replace the previous domain name and the customers can access your store with a new domain name.

A relevant domain name will give your online store more visibility and help increase website traffic.


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