siteground hosting review

Siteground Hosting Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing & More

Do you want to make your online presence better? If yes then you have landed at the right article. The two main things that you will require before making your blog or business website are the hosting and domain. There are lot of web hosts which provide hosting over the web. This creates a lot of hype and confusion too. So, in this article we are going to do Siteground hosting review.

Siteground Hosting Review: What Is Siteground?

Siteground is basically a famous brand that provides web services to its customers. It was launched in 2014 and has headquarters situated in Bulgaria.

Siteground is considered to be one of the best hosting provider as the shared hosting plans are quite cheap. Not only this, but all the plans are equipped with free SSL and unlimited bandwidth too. Siteground has been ranking on number 3 out of other 31 web hosts since a long time. This is all because of the services provided by the employees of Siteground.

Uptime and page load speed are the two main factors which should never be ignored when considering a web host. This is because if the uptime of the web host will not be good, then your website will be down for most of the time. When it comes to page load speed, it should never be ignored. A famous blogger Neil Patel says that, If the page load speed of your website is not good, then most of the visitors will abandon visiting your website.

So in this Siteground hosting review, we will tell you all the pros and cons of it. Details about the plans and pricing will also we provided. In the end, all your confusions will be cleared and finally you will be able to decide whether to buy it or not. To know more about Siteground, visit the official website here.

siteground hosting review

Siteground Hosting Review: Pros & Cons


Uptime Is Very Good:

As I told you in the above section about how much important is to consider uptime while considering a web host. Many of the web host boasts about 100% uptime. But when digged in, the uptime is found to be quiet low. But this is not the case with Siteground. It has been offering a very high average uptime of 99.99% since last few months. Sometimes the uptime reaches 100%. This shows that Siteground is greatly reliable in terms of uptime.

A Good Page Load Speed:

Having a good page load speed actually gives you an advantage to rank over your competitors. This is because, it is considered to be one of the important ranking factor in eyes of google. The average load time of other web hosts is recorded to be 890ms whereas Siteground has an average page load time of 714ms.

This shows that it is quite fast then others and the page load speed provided by it is also great. The average page load time even reduced to 680ms in some previous months. Not only this, but this page load times was quiet consistent. No slow loading times nor spikes were found when examined deeply. This implies that overall Siteground is very fast.

siteground hosting review

Great Customer Support:

With the two amazing pros posted above, next comes the customer support. Customer support is a feature, which you need whenever you are struck in an unidentified problem. Nobody is perfect, all struck in problems. Siteground keeps a major attention on the customer support area.

More than 230 employees of Siteground are always engaged in providing support to its customers. It provides support in three languages which are English, Spanish and Italian. It takes around 10-15 seconds on average to connect with their support team. This is too fast. If someone says us to rate the customer support out of 10, we would give it 10/10.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: 

The best thing about Siteground is that it provides 30-day money back guarantee. This acts as a security feature for the users. It doesn’t offers free trail, but to compensate, it has made a feature of 30 day money back guarantee. You can purchase any plan of your choice for shortest span and test it.

If you are fully impressed by its service, then you can go for its yearly plan. If you are not satisfied, then you can use the money back feature. Keep in mind that it is applied for only 30 days  after the purchasing.

siteground hosting review


As i said, nothing is perfect in this world. With so many pros, Siteground has some cons too. If they are your major considerations and greatly effect you, then you must not go for it. The cons are as follows:

Extra Setup Fee For Monthly Billing:

Many of the web hosts boast about their lowest prices by advertising over web. Whereas when you go to purchase it, you find that the deal is available only if you purchase the 2-3 year plan. But this is not the case with Siteground, it charges only those prices which it advertises.

But if you want to grab the lowest price of Siteground, then do not go for the month to month plan. This is because they charge a one time extra fee on the month to month plan which is quite annoying. The one time setup fees which they charge is $14.95.

Less Storage: 

In terms of storage space, Siteground is a step behind of other web hosts. If you are a beginner and go for the startup plan then it will give you access to 10 gb of web space and will be capable of handling 10,000 unique monthly visitors on your website.

Whereas when you have improved yourself and got some skills, then you can upgrade to GrowBig plan. In this plan you will be offered 20 gb of web space and will be capable of 25,000 unique monthly visitors.

And if you go for the GeekPlan, you will get access to 30GB of web space and will be capable of handling 100,000 unique monthly visitors.

siteground hosting review

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Siteground Hosting Review: Plans & Pricing Of SiteGround Hosting

Siteground basically provides three plans of shared hosting to its customers. They are named as StartUp plan which is available for $3.95, second is named as GrowBig plan which can be accessed at $5.95, last plan is named as GoGeek plan which is priced at $11.95.

You can checkout the features of these plans in the image provided below. If you want to to investigate more about this section, then you can checkout official site of siteground here.

siteground hosting review



Do we recommend buying hosting from Siteground? Yes, we highly recommend you buying hosting from Siteground. The best thing is that it provides a lot of amazing features like a good uptime and an amazing page load speed. This will surely help you in making a powerful website You can buy Siteground hosting from our affiliate link too. This will help our website to grow. Buy Siteground Hosting from here.

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