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Most of the PC users are searching for ‘How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive‘ as it is a very common issue that almost everyone gets. To get rid of this problem, I’m here with Shortcut Virus Remover Tool using which you can remove pen drive shortcut virus problem. I have also guided the steps to use shortcut virus remover software or you can also solve the problem using the cmd (command prompt). Well, if you are not familiar with this problem then keep reading, I will cover all the things regarding this issue.

Shortcut virus is the most common problem which comes in PC, USB, Pendrive etc. This problem mostly found in the Pendrive. You may have already familiar with this problem as it happens to almost everyone at least once. This virus can’t be removed even if we format our Pendrive. This makes the people too much frustrated and sometimes we also lose our data because of this virus.

Actually, Shortcut Virus makes the shortcut of your all files in PC or Pendrive. It hides all the content behind the shortcut file. So, when you double click on the shortcut, you will be redirected to your content within few movements in a new window. Sometimes, this virus can delete your all personal data and convert them into system file. You can go in a very big loss from the Shortcut Virus.


You might get the shortcut virus issue because the system in which you inserted the flash drive may be infected with malware of its own. If you have inserted the pen drive on your own PC, make sure to clean your system to prevent your USB drive for further use. On the other hand, your Pen drive may be got infected with the same type of malicious virus. So, you need to use the Shortcut virus remover tool to get rid of this problem permanently.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive / USB Drive?

If your Pendrive doesn’t have any important data then you can firstly try formatting it. But, if your Flash drive contains important files then follow the simple steps to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive. Here, I will discuss the different methods which include Shortcut Virus Remover Tool. You can also try to remove shortcut virus using cmd which will not require any type of software.

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#Method 1. Shortcut Virus Remover cmd

If your Pendrive or External Hard Disk is affected with the shortcut virus then try the method given below. Otherwise, there are the chances that it may spread to your system. Here, we will go through the steps to delete shortcut virus using the cmd. Let’s check how we can do it.

  • At first, insert your infected external drive i.e Pendrive/USB Flash Drive. Make sure to find its drive letter. For example, Removable Disk (E:) or (H:), whatever it is, you can find it on “My Computer”.
  • Goto the start menu and search for cmd. Now, right click on the Command Prompt and click “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Navigate the flash drive by typing the drive letter in the cmd. (Here, I will take H letter, you can enter the drive letter of your Pendrive/USB). To navigate, type H: in cmd Windows and then hit enter.
  • After that, enter “del *.lnk ” (avoid quotes) and then hit enter.
  • Now, type attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l (without quote) and hit enter.
  • Wait for some time. It will take some time to remove the shortcut virus from your external device. After that, you can see your all the files on your external drive.

Note: Be careful while following the above steps, any mistake can cause data loss.

#Method 2. Shortcut Virus Remover Tool Free Download

There is so many Shortcut Remover Software is available which can do your work easily. If you are thinking that you can’t use cmd method then you can take the help of Shortcut Virus Remover Tool which is very easy to use. One of the most popular software for this purpose is USB Fix. Many people use this software to fix the shortcut virus issue from Pendrive permanently.

USBFix: Best Shortcut Virus Remover Tool

USBFix is the most popular and one of the best tool to remove shortcut virus from your Pendrive or PC. This tool is 100% free for use. You can use this tool to fix all the infected devices like External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, Pendrive etc. The best thing about this software is that it can be used by everyone. Yeah, all you have to do is just Download, Install and Run. Let me show you the steps to use this software on your Windows PC.

  • First of all, download the USBFix Software on your Windows PC.

  USB Fix

    • Now, Install the software and insert your infected external device, such as Pendrive etc. If you are using any Antivirus program then disable it for a while, it may detect this software as a virus.
    • After that, Launch the USBFix software tool on your PC.

  • Click on the “Run an Analysis” and then click “Scan USB Disks”. The process of analyzing shortcut virus will begin shortly.
How to Use USB Fix
How to Use USB Fix
  • When it completes processing click on the “Clean All” option, it will ask you to restart your PC. Restart your computer and you’re done.

That’s all. You have now successfully fixed the shortcut virus issue of your Pendrive using your PC. Make sure to restart your computer immediately otherwise you may get the shortcut virus again.

So, This was the another best method to remove the shortcut virus from your Pendrive or PC. This process is very easy, Isn’t it? Here is few other working best shortcut virus removal tool which you can use if the USBFix is not working.

Shortcut Virus Remover

This program performs its task very smoothly to scan and fix the shortcut virus issue that comes on your Pendrive or Windows PC. This tool executes using the Windows Commands to permanently delete the shortcut virus from your system or external device. Download this tool from the link given below.

Shortcut Remover Tool

Shortcut Virus Fixer

This is the another best tool that I would like to recommend after USBFix. You can use this tool to scan and fix all the shortcut virus problem from your Internal/External devices. This tool can also prevent your device from creating additional shortcuts in future. To download this tool, check out the given link.

   Shortcut Virus Fixer

Shortcut Virus is the most common problem that is faced by many users. I’m sure that every Windows PC gets this issue at least once in their life. The worst thing is that this virus couldn’t be detected even by using Antivirus programs.

So, In this article, I have simply explained How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive or PC. I have also shared some Shortcut Virus Remover Tools which can solve your problem very easily. If you are facing any other problem, you can ask in the comments section.

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