Ecommerce Platforms Compared – Shopify vs Volusion

The market share of e-commerce is growing rapidly worldwide. It has become fourfold in the last four years. If you wish to take advantage of this stupendous growth, you need to adopt the right e-commerce platform. If your online store is the be all and end all of your business, you need to select the right one from a variety of e-commerce platforms. A platform that is browser-based and comprehensive in nature may be well suited for you.

You can build your store on such platforms on any computer at any place. You don’t need to install any software on your computer. You should also be able to build a store without any advanced coding or programming skills. Both Shopify and Volusion qualify to be considered along with these benchmarks. However, to select the best one, you need to compare the two to see what fits your needs the most.


A Comparison Of The Entry Level Plans Of Shopify And Volusion

It pays to compare the entry-level plans of these two ecommerce platforms since a lion’s share of online businesses is small or moderate in size. The Shopify Lite plan is available for $9 a month whereas Volusion Mini, the starting plan of Volusion is available for $15.


The Shopify plan, though cheaper, doesn’t allow the user to set up a fully functional online store. It just allows you to sell on your Facebook page. However, you can do everything through Facebook. You can marry Shopify’s back-end system with its ‘Buy’ button and embed it on your Facebook page. It’s much like the PayPal button that you can see in various websites selling stuff. You can also use the Shopify point of sale kit for retail sales.

shopify comparison

By contrast, Volusion’s Mini plan, allows the user to create a fully-functional online store. However, there are limitations here. You cannot sell more than 100 products through your store. You get just 1GB bandwidth. You also get no phone support. On the contrary, Shopify does not impose any limit on your bandwidth or number of products. Nevertheless, Shopify too does not allow phone support in its basic plan.


Overall, it seems to be a thumbs up for Shopify since it just lets you sell without any restriction on the number of products.

Transaction Fees

Many e-commerce platforms take a cut on your transactions. You don’t need to pay any transaction fee if you use Volusion. However, you don’t need to pay any transaction fee on Shopify either if you use its own payment system. You need to opt for Shopify Payments, Shopify’s own payment system, in order to avoid transaction fee. This payment system is available in the USA and a few other countries, and there is absolutely no reason as to why a US business should not use this. So the two platforms are on the even ground on this count.

Abandoned Cart Reports

You don’t have access to this pretty useful feature in the basic plans of either Shopify or Volusion. However, Volusion lets you use this feature in its $35 ‘Plus’ plan, whereas Shopify lets you do this in its $75 plan and onwards.

Manual Order Creation

This is a pretty useful feature of e-commerce platforms. Shopify allows the user to create manual orders even on its Basic plan. Whereas, Volusion lets you do this only in its $75 plan and upwards.


Templates are a very important part of e-commerce platforms. Both Shopify and Volusion have a range of beautiful e-commerce design templates. All of these are professionally designed, responsive to different viewing devices and distinct in appearance. Both of them offer free as well as paid themes. However, it is in the number of free templates that Shopify seems to have an edge over Volusion. Though Volusion offers 11 free templates in comparison to Shopify’s 10, these templates are mostly similar. That brings down the number of distinct Volusion templates to 2 or 3. On the other hand, all the 10 Shopify templates are quite unique in nature and distinct in character. In terms of paid templates too, Shopify seems to have an edge over Volusion since it offers 51 paid templates in comparison to Volusion’s 35.


Apps help to add functionalities to online stores. Both Shopify and Volusion are e-commerce platforms with app stores, but Shopify has a wider range of apps than Volusion. There are around 2000 apps in the Shopify App store whereas there are only around 70 in the Volusion app store. Shopify boasts of some really useful apps like the Xero app for accounting and the Freshbooks app for making invoices from anywhere on any device.

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