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Samsung Galaxy Fit Review- Helps You Stay Fit and Active

Samsung Galaxy Fit is a Fitness Tracker that gives you vital stats about your body. It is available in black and silver colors and weighs just 23 grams. It is so light-weight, you won’t even know it is there on your wrist. You can wear it while performing several sports activities like running, walking, lifting weights, biking, swimming, etc. The feedback you get from this device helps you track and manage your workouts.

About the Samsung Galaxy Fit mobile app

You can pair this Fitness Tracker with your phone using the Samsung Galaxy Fit app. Customize the device as you wish, get notifications from your phone and view your fitness progress using the app. To keep you entertained, there are plenty of clock faces, each with different features. The Samsung Galaxy Fit mobile app also helps you find your fitness band. Just tap on “Find my Band” and your tracker will begin to beep.

samsung galaxy fit

Features of Samsung Galaxy Fit

1. It is water-resistant

This ultra-light-weight Fitness Tracke from Samsung is also waterproof and water-resistant up to military standard. You can wear it all day long, even when taking a shower. This also makes it the perfect fit for water-based sports activities like swimming, triathlons, etc.

2. Long-lasting battery

Once you charge this device, you don’t have to worry about the battery life for the next 7 days. The battery life is unbeatable. That being said, the battery life also varies by features and widgets used and frequency of messages. But if you just want to use it for your FItness Tracking needs, the battery will easily last for 7 days.

3. Comes with military-level durability

Similar to its water resistance feature, Samsung Galaxy Fit is also dust resistant. You can wear this device even while performing strenuous activities like hiking, camping, kayaking, and rock climbing.

What I like about the Samsung Galaxy Fit

I love how consistent the heart rate monitor is. I don’t have to worry about the watch getting misplaced on the wrist. No matter what activity you perform(running, walking, lifting weight, or biking), the heart rate monitor works with 100 percent accuracy all the time. This is no the case with Fitness Trackers manufactured by other companies. They work intermittently and capture inaccurate data.

What I don’t like about Samsung Galaxy Fit

I wish it could charge faster than it does. It can take a couple of hours to fully charge this device. Although the battery lasts full 7 days as advertised, I have to dedicate 2 hours on my weekend just for charging this device. Sometimes, it can also take more than 2 hours. I wish the team at Samsung comes up with an upgrade to fix this minor issue.

My recommendation

Samsung Galaxy Fit is not just a Fitness Tracking device, It also performs several other tasks like alarm, sync with apps on your phone, monitors your heart rate, etc. What I’m leading up to is this: You can use it as a regular smartwatch or for your specific fitness needs.


Samsung Galaxy Fit is priced at $100. It is not the cheapest of the Fitness Trackers but it’s quality and amazing features justify the high price.

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