use night mode in google chrome

How to Use Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome?

In our today’s article, we will know how to use nigh mode browsing in Google Chrome. A large number of the population who use PC have Google Chrome installed as their default browser. There are several factors that make this browser most popular among the Internet users. It provides a lot of features that none of the Internet browsers have provided yet to their users. Chrome Extension is favorite for many users as it makes our work easier.

Google Chrome doesn’t come with Night mode browsing feature by default. But, there are some extensions available on the Chrome Web Store which amazingly enable this feature. So, today I will tell you about those plugins with the steps to use them on your Chrome Browser. The best part of these extensions is that they are free and very simple to use.

Most of you guys browse the Internet at night on your Computer or Laptop. It is highly recommended to turn on the Night mode feature to protect your eyes from the screen brightness. To enable this feature right now, proceed to the method which we are going to discuss in this article.

use night mode in google chrome

How to Use Night Mode Browsing In Google Chrome?

As I said above, we will be using the Chrome extension to activate the Night mode browsing in Google Chrome. I have found some best and working Chrome extension which can help you to enable this feature very easily on your Chrome Browser.

#1. Dark Reader

This Chrome Extension can help you to enable Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome Browser. You can simply turn on/off night mode anytime with a single. It also allows us to set the preferred contrast, brightness level which can provide relaxation to our eyes. You can also enable Dark/Light theme from this Chrome Extension. If you Browse the Internet for long hours at night, I would suggest Dark Reader for you. Check out the steps to use night mode in Google Chrome using this extension.

1) First of all, Add Dark Reader Chrome Extension to your Browser from the Chrome Webstore. Just click on the “Add to Chrome” button after visiting the extension page in Chrome Web Store.

dark reader

2) You will get a Popup saying “Add Dark Reader?” Simply click on the Add Extension.

add dark reader chrome

3) Wait for a couple of seconds and it will be added to your Chrome Browser.

4) After it gets installed, you can see a new (owl) icon at the navigation bar.

5) You can now set everything like Color, brightness, contrast, sepia, grayscale etc. Even, you can also change the fonts too by going to the ‘More’ tab.

6) After setting up all the things, visit any website or just search for anything on Google. Your screen should look like this.


So, this was the simplest method way to turn on night mode in Google Chrome Browser. You may also check out other extensions too to get Chrome Night Mode feature easily.

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#2. Night Mode Pro

This is also a one-click tool to enable and use Night mode in Google Chrome Browser. This extension also lets you set the brightness according to your need. This also enables you to change the hue for various web pages. You can turn on night/day mode just by a single click on the icon from the top of the browser. To add and use this Chrome Extension, follow the steps given.

1) Go to the Night Mode Pro Chrome Extension page and click on the Add to Chrome button there.

night mode pro

2) After that, again click on the Add extension from popup and install the extension.

3) Now, a new icon will be added to the extensions list beside the search bar.

4) Click on the Night Mode Pro icon and then make settings as you want. Also, change the hue settings and set it at a level to get the colors change.

night mode pro

5) Now, you can see the colors will be inverted and you have got the Night mode on your Chrome Browser. You can also browse Facebook to get a new and attractive dark mode.

6) Whenever you want, you can turn off the night mode settings by enabling the day mode. You can also change the brightness level and darkness level in day mode too.

night mode pro itechway

This was the another best method to use Night Mode in Google Chrome Browser. If you wish, there are some other extensions too which you can try to get some additional or different features.

#3. Deluminate


This tool is very necessary for those who browse the Internet at night and have a problem with their eyes. Using this Chrome extension, you can get rid of high brightness which affects your eyes. This extension inverts the light to dark without changing the colors. Deluminate is also a perfect solution to use Night mode in Chrome Browser without any unexpected issues.

#4. High Contrast

high contrast

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to read the words at night due to high contrast level. As the name suggests, you can get rid of this problem with this awesome Chrome Extension. This tool automatically inverts the color like black to white, white to black. So, the colors with high contrast will be changed into the dark. So, you can easily browse any website without getting any eye problem.

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#5. Dark mode / night reader

night mode chrome

This is another extension which can helpful for you to reduce eye strain from the screen light. It inverts the background of the webpage and provides a dark screen. It can be beneficial for the eye health as well as makes easy to read the text. You can also use this tool on popular websites like YouTube for watching movies and videos.

#6. Simple Night Mode

chrome dark mode browsing

Simple Night Mode is another solution to get dark mode on Google Chrome browser. It reduces the light of the screen and provides a dark environment which is less stressful for our eyes. This extension can be used just by a single click like others.


This was all about How to Use Night Mode Browsing In Google Chrome. If you browse the Internet at night in a dark room, dark mode is the must for you. Few working addons are mentioned in this article and that’s enough. I hope this article was helpful for you and if you have any query regarding this post, please let us know in the comments. Also, share this article with your friends and family.

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