automated seo vs manual seo

Which One To Choose Between Manual And Automated SEO

Constructing a website is something, but trying to drive traffic to site is a completely new ballgame. As you might know, SEO is one cheapest way to drive high targeted traffic to website. With off page and on page SEO, website can take some high positions on SERPs, which will help in driving a lot of traffic to website. Always remember that the first listing on Google will definitely get a whopping 33% of search traffic, and then you have the one at 10th ranking, which will get only 2%. So, whenever the term SEO is in question, the main catch is to know which one to choose. Will that be manual one or the automated version? Which one will go justice?

automated seo vs manual seo

Automated versus manual SEO:

With so many SEO platforms and software in the field of digital marketing, it is rather difficult to actually decide on whether you plan to hire services from SEO agency or just use available platforms. Most of these software and platforms can work on anything associated with SEO like social bookmarking, keyword research, blog commenting, directory submission and even forum posting, to name a few.

Manual SEO primarily includes team or individual of SEO experts, who are currently implementing multiple off-page and on-page SEO based strategies in the to website by your hand. On the other hand, you have automated SEO, which will involve the proficient use of SEO platforms or software, for implementing search engine optimization strategies into site. However, most people these days will dismiss word automation as it has to be spam. But, this is nothing but a big misconception.

For helping you determine the better one for your website among manual and automated SEO, it is vital to check out pros and cons of both, as mentioned by Tayloright experts.

Advantages revolving around manual SEO:

Even though the subject proves to be time consuming and tedious, manual SEO has its share of few advantages, which you have to consider. Listed below, are some of the pros involved with manual SEO under one page and off page scales on a website.

  • You will end up with 100% control over SEO strategies over here
  • On the other hand, you can easily get the chance to certify SEO task, which can well be handled as per the plan
  • With the help of manual SEO, you get the chance to improve off page based SEO by just hand picking the best backlinks for your use
  • You can further choose where the site is mostly linked from
  • You will learn more about the site’s quality and also the content and its quality, which will be finally surrounding the backlinks

Now time for the cons of manual SEO:

Once you are sure of the pros associated with manual SEO, now it is time to move towards the cons. Make sure to know about these parts too before making an investment.

  • Manual SEO happens to be quite time-consuming. As SEO assistant or expert will take multiple hours for submitting around 10 websites to the search engines.
  • It will further involve a higher level of effort and dedication on behalf of the current SEO team. This dedication can then be channeled to some areas, which failed to automate.
  • The services don’t always come that cheap. As the tasks are manual, you are actually forced to hire a team of SEO professionals for the same.
  • The services are a bit slow. Manual strategies will take loads of time to implement. In this current fast-moving world, a wasted day will result in huge losses and opportunity cost of the missed traffic.
  • For some of the large websites with multiple pages, manual SEO will take years to finalize on a result.

Advantages focusing on automated SEO:

After running down the pros and cons of manual SEO, you became a bit skeptical. Will you choose it or not? What is the other alternative to it? It is known as Automated SEO. It is the program of full or semi-automated SEO platforms or software, for implementing SEO strategies with a bit of effort from your side. But just like the manual one, it has its own share of pros and cons too. Let’s get right into details.

  • Automated SEO is designed to be rather economical as it is relatively cheap. It is also fast and not to mention can complete tasks automatically without any manual labor infusion.
  • You get the chance to easily handle some of the time consuming and tedious tasks like site audits. You can further check for the keyword density, broken links, tags and even Meta content in some larger websites.
  • You can even procure updated ad accurate data based on KW rankings.
  • It proves to be quite an easy task to just analyze the backlinks of your competitors, along with their tags, keyword density and Met content. You can further replicate the tasks of competitors now easily.
  • With the help of automated SEO, you can actually schedule SEO tasks, which in turn will save you some time.
  • Avoid hiring an SEO team for covering your tasks. Therefore, it will be great for increasing ROI.

Cons of automated SEO:

It is not always good results with automated SEO, as there are some cons involved in this category. So let’s just get that out of question too.

  • If not used in a proficient manner, automated SEO software can create backlinks of lower quality. Low backlink quality can misuse your website and get it penalized.
  • Most of the automated created links can never prove to be your traffic source to site.
  • On the other hand, most of the SEO software generally focuses ion quantity right over quality. It can further lead to some problems in long run.

Make up your mind on which one to choose. Will it be the manual or the automated SEO service?No matter whichever you plan to choose, make sure to check the options carefully. You have to feel confident enough to make right choice, as your business growth depends quality a lot on that.

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