macx dvd ripper pro

[FREE] MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Backup and Convert video from DVD in 5 minutes

macx dvd ripper pro

Why do I need to backup DVD?

DVDs are a kind of disc for movies that you probably have at home and that a few years ago were products that we all bought or rented. However, although they are currently not so famous and are disappearing from the market, they are still useful. But physical carriers are not eternal. The discs are easy enough to scratch, because of what it can not be read; besides, if you have a lot of disks, it takes a lot of space. A great way to do this is to save the video from the DVD to your computer using MacX DVD Ripper Pro to move the collection of discs to the cottage or pantry and not to worry about what to do if you suddenly need a video on which your daughter is a year old. And you will be sure that you will be able to drive it into the paint this video years later (any coincidences with real life are accidental).

Moreover, many laptop manufacturers reject DVD drives in order to make devices even thinner and lighter. And that means watching old home videos will not work. That is why it makes sense to use a computer with a drive to transfer precious memories to your hard drive or to the cloud.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a software that has been updated and has improved a lot since its first version, above all we can highlight the excellent speed with which it converts DVD to the format that we select.

Features of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro

macx dvd ripper pro

This is a software that has excellent features and we can highlight several of them, which are also the most attracting the attention of all users.

1-. The conversion

One of the best things that this software offers is that it can convert all types of DVDs, not only the oldest movies that we have at home, but also the most recent DVDs that may contain television programs or that may be damaged and that are not can reproduce in a correct way.

This tool will be able to rip your content and we will be able to see it without any problem in our devices.

2-. Speed

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, one of the great novelties of this software is that you can make a conversion up to 5 times faster than you did with the old version, which was also much faster than other similar programs. In just 5 minutes you can convert a DVD without losing quality.

3-. The variety of formats

With this software, you will have a wide variety of video and audio formats, as well as multimedia devices. It also has a large number of output profiles and can convert all popular video and audio formats. Finally, prepare DVDs for playback on any of the trending devices and you can archive them on the Mac or hard drive.

4-. Variety of updates

To avoid the different protections of DVD that can create, this software will be constantly updated, this way we will not have problems of not being able to rip the information that we want at any time.

How to get a free license of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Now there is an action from the developers, dedicated to Black Friday. Until December 15, you can purchase a licensed version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro with a 56% discount ($ 29.95 instead of $ 67.95).

You can also purchase a collection of three products for Mac or Windows — MacX DVD Ripper Pro, VideoProc and MediaTrans (a utility for transferring files and backup of iPhone and iPad) with a 70% discount: $ 49.95 instead of $ 169.95. 

In addition, until December 15, Digitally will play 500 keys daily (!). To participate, just enter your email on the draw page  – and there is a great chance that you will receive a free copy instantly. The second rally may also be of interest to you. Every day, a $ 30 iTunes gift card is played out. To participate, you need to share the post with a raffle on Facebook or Twitter, send a confirmation email to the organizers and wait for the results.

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