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Linux vs Windows – Find out the differences

These two operating systems are the most popular and preferred too. If you are a newbie and want to explore your knowledge on what is the difference between Linux and Windows operating system then check this article and find out the differences.

What is a Linux Operating System?

Linux is an open source operating system build on UNIX and found in 2012. Here, all sites are underneath of all other software on a computer. This allows users to modify the existing code and can distribute the same as an open source operating system. It also supports graphical user interface (GUI) with crucial software that can be used on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is also used as server and most of web pages over internet are developed with the help of Linux servers and beneficial for desktop computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, digital storing devices, ebook readers, etc.

As I said before, it is also used as aserver over internet. Likewise, you will get many web hosting providers that offer Linux web hosting and Linux Shared Hosting service at a better price.


What is Windows Operating system?

Windows is a range of operating systems, computer operating system (OS) designed by Microsoft for personal devices or computers. All operating system includes graphical user interface (GUI) along with the desktop that permits user to see the files, videos, etc. Windows has introduced many versions of Microsoft and all of them have run successfully. Now, Windows 10 is running in the market on personal and professional desktops.

Unlike Linux hosting, Windows Hosting India is also used by most of website owners to host their website. The websites that has integrate Microsoft applications such as ASP, ASP.Net, .NET, frontpage, visual basic MS Access or MS SQL Databases those websites are eligible for Windows hosting.

Let’s check head to head comparison between Linux and Windows hosting.

#1. Access


In Linux, user has a chance to operate the source code of kernel and modify the code as per the need. Moreover, bugs in OS will get fixed at a rapid pace.


In Windows hosting, all don’t get access to the source code, only selected members are eligible to access it.

#2. License


In Linux, user get GPL – License operating system that help users to make the changes in the software or can re – use multiple times.


In Windows hosting, with Microsoft license, users can’t access the source code and depending on the number of licenses, users can install license only on those numbers of computers.

#3. Usability


It is tough to install but has ability to run complex tasks easily.


It is easy to access but takes long time to install.

#4. Support


You get huge support for Linux through huge community of forums/websites and online searches.


Same is here, you get a support via online forums / websites and it also provides paid services as well.

#5. Updates


Linux allows user to install any software at anytime as per the demand in less time.


Windows asks for updates randomly as no specific time is fixed for the update. You will get a pop up of updates anytime and it also takes time to install.

#6. Security


Linux is bit difficult for hackers to break the code as it is secured than Windows.


It is vulnerable without anti – virus software and there are the chances of being getting hacked.

windows or linux milesweb

My Recommendation: MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a reputed brand in web hosting industry that provides web hosting services to all types of businesses. Likewise, their product range consists of Linux and Windows product as well that you can buy anytime as their support team is available 24*7*365 days and connect them via chat, email and phone.

Their support team comprises of members who have decades of experience in hosting that makes easy for you to get solution for the query. If we talk about their datacenters then you get three server locations: USA, UK and India. Their Tier – 3 and Tier – 4 datacenter give robust, speedy and great performance that will keep your website live every time.

On all Linux and Windows hosting plans, you get 30 days money back guarantee feature that ensures you get a refund, if you are unhappy with their service.

Price and plans:

  • Share Linux hosting – Rs.80/ mo
  • Windows hosting – Rs. 120/ mo
  • Unlimited Linux reseller hosting – Rs.735/ mo
  • Unlimited Windows reseller hosting – Rs. 1008/ mo
  • Linux VPS hosting – Rs. 860/ mo
  • Windows VPS hosting – Rs. 1200/ mo

Key differences between Linux and Windows Hosting

  • Linux is open source operating system and Windows OS is commercial.
  • Linux operates fast with a modern desktop environment along with operating system features in comparison to Windows latest versions.
  • In terms of reliability, Linux is more reliable than Windows. In Linux, we can kill the application, if they get stuck through x kill command. While in Windows, we need to try multiple times to kill it.
  • Linux users are corporate organizations, they use it as a server and operating system for security reason on social media platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. On the contrast, Windows users are gamers, personal pc users and business users.

Closing Lines

It is interesting to compare two different things and getting something worth from that is icing on the cake. In the same way, Linux and Windows operating system both have loopholes and advantages too. Select anyone but select carefully before experiencing anything worst because “precautions is better than cure”.

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