install xposed framework android

How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Phone ?

Hey Guys, In this article I will tell you the complete guide to Install Xposed Framework on Android Phone. After the process of rooting the android, you may need to install Xposed framework on your android device. There are lots of android apps which requires the Xposed framework to run on your phone. You can enjoy these apps after activating the Xposed framework on your android phone. Before I start the guide, first know what the Xposed framework is and what is its importance for a rooted device.

install xposed framework android

What is Xposed Framework?

Xposed Framework is a framework for your rooted android phone. It itself doesn’t operate so many tasks. But it lets you install many apps that you can enjoy. It helps you to customize your Android device to the system level without flashing it to the custom recovery.

For any customization lover, it is the most important app after rooting their android device. If you haven’t rooted your device yet, then you must read our post to Root Android Without PC. So that you will be able to Install Xposed Framework on your phone.

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Xposed Framework allows you to customize your phone according to your need. It helps you to Change IMEI number on your phone. It allows you to increase the speed of the android phone. You can also change the appearance of your phone. It also allows you to tweak the identity of your phone. You can hack coins of many Android Games. There are lots of more benefits of Installing Xposed Framework. So follow the below steps to install Xposed framework on android phone.

How to Install Xposed Framework on Android?

  • First of all download Xposed framework from here – Click here
  • After downloading, Install the Xposed framework app on your phone.
  • Now launch the app and grant the root access.

  • Select the Framework option then click on Instal/Update button.
  • Now it will ask you to reboot the phone. Then reboot your phone.
  • That’s it… Xposed framework is now activated on your android phone.

How to Install & Use Xposed Modules?

Now, you have successfully Installed Xposed Framework on your Android device. You must also know How to Install Xposed Modules so that you can get the advantage of installing Xposed Framework. You should also check the Best  11 Root Apps for Android

  • After your phone restarts, Launch Xposed Installer app again.
  • After that, Goto Download section.
  • Then scroll to the Modules section.
  • Now you will see many modules. You can download the modules of your choice.
  • To install the modules tap on Download button in the versions tab.
  • Then wait and download the module.
  • When the download completes , the installer screen will appear.
  • Tap install to finish the installation.

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You just need to reboot the phone after installing any module. After the complete installation of any module, a popup in the notifications panel will appear telling you the module has been installed but not activated. Tap on Activate and reboot.

After restarting your phone, you’ll be able to use the modules.

Final Words – By this way, you can install Xposed framework on android phone. You’ll be able to enjoy lots and MOds and customizations after installing Xposed Framework on your phone. I hope you understand this article. Can you do a favor for me? Please Share this article with your friends.

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