install dolby atmos on android without root

How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android Without Root

Looking for a step by step guide which can help you to install Dolby Atmos on android without root?  If it is so, then you have landed at the right article. If you follow the simple steps provided by me, then i am sure that you can install Dolby Atmos on android without root very easily.

Across this world, you will find very less people who hates to listen music. Your willingness to read this post clearly describes that you are a music addicted. Not only this, many people love to watch movies too.

Some developers have launched a technology which is known as Dolby Atmos Surround. This technology increases the sound quality to the next level. In older period, this was not available for android phones, but fortunately with the boon of technology, it is now available for android too.

install dolby atmos on android without root

Details About Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos was first announced in the month of April 2012. Then later it was launched in June 2012. Some years back, Dolby Atmos was only available for cinemas. But this advancement in technology has made it possible to run it in android too.

Movies like Superman and Batman, which have huge fan base, used the Dolby Atmos Sound for first time in the decade. To make a Dolby setup, more than 60 speakers are placed in the different directions which creates a 3D sound effect. It looks like someone is speaking in front of you and that too in real life. Lenovo A7000 was the first android phone which was packed with the technology of Dolby Atmos.

install dolby atmos on android without root

How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android Without Root

Dolby Atmos Sound technology is launched for smartphones, but it is not available for every android phone. You need not to worry. By following this step by step guide given below, we are sure you will be able to install dolby atmos in your android phone.

Basically, there are two ways to get Dolby Atmos in your phone. First way is to install it without root and second is by rooting your phone. If you don not have a rooted phone, then you need not to root it. Just follow this simple guide and you are done.

Requirements to install Dolby Atmos without root:
  • Android phone without root
  • Google Play Music App
  • Apk Of Dolby Atmos

install dolby atmos on android without root

Now follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Firstly download Dolby Atmos apk into your android phone. Download it by clicking here.

Step 2: After installing, head up to the file location and open it. And then tap on install. If there is any error in installing then head up to settings>additional settings>privacy>i=unknown sources. Here click allow and give the permission.

Step 3: Now as soon as the installation finishes, reboot your android phone. After rebooting, don’t open the app of Dolby Atmos as there are other steps to be fulfilled prior to opening it.

Step 4: Now if your phone doesn’t have google play music, then make sure to download it. Because Dolby Atmos works best with google play music only.

Step 5: Now simply disable the default equalizer settings of your default music player. If you will not do so, then it will show unfortunately stopped error. You can find this default equalizer in the settings of your android phone or in google play music only.

Step 6: Now click on three horizontal lines present on the upper left corner of the google play music. Now here look for the settings tab and now scroll down.

Step 7: In the settings of google play music, search for the equalizer tab and tap on it. After opening it tap on the Dolby Atmos option to enable it. Many of the times you will find it activated automatically. But installing Dolby Atmos apk is pre requisite for that.

Step 8: Now you can go back to the google play music library and play any song. You can play it once by enabling Dolby Atmos and once by disabling it. You will see the difference automatically.


Boom you have got Dolby Atmos Apk in your android phone and that too without any difficulty. You can use headphones for better digital surround Dolby Atmos sound. So these were all the steps to be followed in order to install Dolby Atmos on android without root. Rooting your phone has many disadvantages of its own.

But the real feel of experiencing Dolby Atmos comes by rooting your device only. And always keep in mind to disable the equalizer prior to play any music. Queries are highly appreciated.






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