Instagram Contest Can Woo Participants To Sign up On Email List

In order to get the best results from the combination of Instagram and email marketing the best you can do is try and organize a contest among the users. There is ideally a lot of g a lot of interesting and fun contests that you can hold on the social media platforms that you are using currently.

  • Such contests will help you to generate a lot of brand awareness and knowledge about your product and business among your followers. 
  • This will make it easy for you to reach out to more and more people with your various products or services that you want to sell. 
  • Most importantly, you will find it a lot easier and more effective in pursuing your users to sign up on your email list as compared to any other approach. 

Another significant benefit of these contests is that it will work as an additional incentive for the specific users who are willing to participate in the contest.

  • As on your part, you will be able to try and share their social media profiles as well as their photos as User-generated Content Which they have submitted on the official page of your Instagram business account. 
  • You can even attach these images as a link in the emails that you send.

This will make the users feel elated as they will also become famous and known among the community, just as you will feel happy and elated to have gained popularity as well.

As a result of this contest you will not have to buy real Instagram likes and at the same time be able to gain a lot of trust among your users and make them sign for your emails.

Pros of the contests

When you hold an Instagram contest this enables you to portray that you consider all your recipients as real people and that all of them have used your products and have also liked it. 

It will also act as a source of inspiration and encouragement to a number of casual followers of your account who may start thinking that they should also consider your brand and take your business more seriously.

All users expect that every brand will be clear and explicit about the essential benefits that they will be getting when they purchase and use their products. Instead of doing this through costly and time-consuming communication with each, you can include pictures of your happy and satisfied customers in your emails.

As pictures speak a thousand words, the recipients will come to know a lot of things that are not spoken but reflected through the images. They will be able to see the reactions of the users and this will raise the trust in them and influence them to buy and try your product as well.

Where will you get such pictures? Well, that is why you organized the contest for. Just make sure that you do not use all the pictures at one time. Also, make sure that the original creator is rewarded for the unique creation that has been beneficial for you to get more names in your email list.

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