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Important Things to Remember When You’re Ready for a New Mac

Buying new tech is never cheap, but it can be especially costly when it boasts the trademarked Apple logo. A brand new MacBook has always been more expensive than Windows laptops, and early reports suggest 2019’s MacBook Air will be pricier than ever before. If you’re in the market for another Mac, you may need some help with your upgrade.

You’re in luck! Here’s a quick list of tips to help you buy a new Mac without busting your budget.

macbook air

You’ve heard the old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. This old adage applies to your tech, too. Although you might not want your old Mac anymore, someone might like it. The fact that Macs often keep their sale value long after their original purchase date only works in your favor.

You have two avenues of selling your Mac — either selling it yourself online or “selling” it to a retailer that has a substantial trade-in/buy back policy.

If you plan on selling it online, you can try posting an ad for your Mac through online classifieds, Facebook Marketplace, or even these shopping apps. You’ll be at the mercy of the market and have to wait until someone bites — at which point, you’ll be responsible for facilitating the sale.

If this sounds like too much work, you can visit Best Buy and see the estimated trade-in value is for your Mac. Best Buy will give you a store credit depending on the age and quality of your item, which you can use to put towards a new MacBook Air.

Remember — it doesn’t matter which route you take; if you want to sell your Mac, you have to wipe your tech clean. Migrate any data (photos, files, or apps) to iCloud and then follow these instructions to make sure you remove your files correctly.

  • Take Advantage of Apple’s GiveBack program

Apple’s GiveBack program is similar to Best Buy’s trade in service, but it comes with better benefits. GiveBack lets you trade in your old Mac for a credit to the Apple Store which you can use to purchase a new Mac. Alternatively, depending on the age and condition of your tech, Apple may give you a full refund on your purchase.

If Apple accepts your Mac into its GiveBack program, it will deal with wiping your data. Apple refurbishes every electronic collected through GiveBack, so your tech will undergo rigorous repairs and testing before it’s resold to another owner.

If Apple thinks your Mac is too old or too broken to refurbish, it will recycle your laptop at no extra cost. This is a green step in the right direction for Mother Earth, as e-waste is a serious ecological issue. When disposed of improperly, tech contaminates the soil and water supplies in the area surround landfills. So even if you can’t make a little money off your old tech, at least you’ll stop your Mac from polluting the land.

  • Purchase refurbished

With some money or store credit burning a hole in your pocket, you’re ready to purchase your replacement Mac — only, the new Airs and Pro Retinas on are expensive. You’ll struggle to find a laptop for less than $1,200 from the official Apple store.

Before you consider going back to Windows, you have another option. Rather than purchasing a brand new Mac, you can opt for a refurbished Mac.

To make sure your refurbed laptop works as good as new, purchase your tech from a certified re-seller, like Apple or Best Buy. These companies repair any potential hardware or software issues that caused a previous owner to trade in their Mac. Once they fix any problems, they put these electronics through testing to make sure they perform to factory standards, ensuring your refurbed Mac will work without issues.

While you’ll find no problems with how a refurbed Mac works, you may notice some minor cosmetics blemishes from the previous user. These are easy to cover with a MacBook skin from dbrand. This is a slim-fitting accessory that hugs the MacBook’s curves and covers up scratches, dents, and other cosmetic issues. A MacBook skin will also prevent anymore from happening because it’s made from a scratch-proof and grime-resistant vinyl.

It won’t look like plain old vinyl when you do some digital window shopping. If you want something that will match the sophistication of Apple’s design vocabulary, check out these awesome skins in natural stone, hardwoods, metallic, or carbon fiber. The latest MacBook skins come in black matrix or black camo, giving a wide variety of styles to choose.

A new MacBook can be expensive, but for most Apple fans the price is worth it. Luckily for you, you’re now a part of the exclusive group of Apple fans who know how to leverage their old Mac to help them get a new one. Consider selling or trading in your old generation for a refurbished Mac, and you’ll get a practically new laptop for an affordable price.

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