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How to Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business?

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If you are right about to start a web design business and you want it to be successful, you should realize that the process encompasses lots of must-have nuances. Whatever your web design skills and objectives are, you have to realize that the task won’t be simple at all. This is because it requires certain degree of preparation, awareness of current web design trends, coding knowledge, tenacity, responsibility, patience and diligence. Having a desire to launch a business is not enough – you need to be ambitious and goal-oriented to gain success. You will occasionally face hardships and the need to adopt hard decisions that may affect the development and success of your entrepreneurial venture both in the positive and negative way depending upon your effort and knowledge.

To get started successfully, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the process. If you have not been involved in web design before, it’s high time to decide on the niche you’d like to specialize in. This will correspondingly influence the choice of the products or services you will offer to your clients and realization of your actual abilities. However, if this is not your first web design experience and you can boast an impressive portfolio, it will be easier for you to attract the attention of customers and encourage them to deal with you. Likewise, you will be able to develop the right approach to the entire web development process by working out the best marketing strategy that corresponds to your goals, skills and expectations.

Another thing you should consider is the choice of the right audience. As far as the web design niche is quite multifaceted, defining the audience to target might be a challenge. You should decide in advance, whether you intend to deal with local or international clients (and partners) and what the customer selection criteria should be. This will eventually help you decide on the best strategy.

What’s more, you should not underestimate the importance of the niche competition and awareness of market trends. Web design industry is constantly changing, with new tendencies, approaches, technologies and tools being introduced each year. Staying aware of these trends is a must, if you wish to withstand niche competition that is also quite tough in this sphere. You should spend much time and effort, exploring and analyzing your major niche competitors. This is how you will be able to conclude whether you are ready to come up to their level of professional awareness or you still need time to improve your skills prior to reaching the market.

Modern website builders feature distinctive efficacy, when it comes to web design business creation. Ease-of-use, convenience, intuitive web building environment and affordable pricing are those factors that make these services powerful tools for hassle-free business set up and management.

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Finally, do not forget to decide on the budget you are ready to invest into the project. It should be based upon the skills, short-term and long-term goals, target audience, expertise and strategy you have developed in advance. The choice of the budget will affect the scale of business you will launch. The importance of this aspect should not be underestimated.

As soon as you are done with the major selection criteria, it is high time to proceed to the choice of the best web design software – the one you will use to develop and run your web design business project. If you’ve not studied this aspect before, you’ll be certainly impressed by the variety of functional web design tools available in the market. Let’s focus on two popular services, each of which is designed to meet the needs of a certain user category. Meet IM Creator and uKit!

IM Creator

IM Creator

IM Creator – is an advanced website builder that encompasses a set of powerful features needed for professional website development and its further management. The platform mostly works well for proficient web developers as well as for web design agencies that aim at bulk website creation and have much to offer to their clients. The service is free for students, artists and business owners, but it also comes with paid subscriptions that provide deeper flexibility.

Website development

When it comes to professional website development, the undeniable IM Creator highlight is the White Label offer. The plan makes it possible to promote your brand name by using the feature set of the website builder for your web building purposes. No special effort, time or cooperation with third-party companies are needed to get started here. Just upgrade to the plan, select the payment option that fits your needs and start building your company! As of today, over 17 million websites have been designed with the system and hundreds of new projects are built every day. Let’s enlist the major advantages of the White Label Plan now:

  • The White Label tool is completely integrated into your company style, with all the elements, color palette, logo, fonts, media files, backgrounds, content presentation and other features being displayed at the website;
  • The tool is 100% ready for implementation – no extra integrations and actions are needed to start a business with it;
  • This is a perfect solution for professional designers and web agencies that already have regular customer flow yet wish to develop their businesses;
  • It’s up to you and your clients to decide how to personalize a website, add visual materials, customize content and perform other actions;
  • The service allows hosting White Label websites at its servers, but it is also possible to pick another hosting provider of your choice;
  • The White Label tool is now available in three pricing variations – starting with $350/year and up to $25000/year depending upon the features and degree of website customization needed.

IM Creator Features

Creator feature

The website builder stands out from the crowd due to a broad range of options and tools available in stock. The system makes it possible to launch and manage different types of websites, including portfolios, business websites, blogs, online stores, landing pages and more. The service comes with a convenient WYSIWYG website editor, drag-and-drop functionality, abundance of integration tools, Stripes and Polydoms technology, eCommerce and blogging options, multilingual support etc.  The major features of the platform are provided below:

  • Blogging. IM Creator is worth separate attention due to the integrated blogging platform that makes it possible to create, customize and update a full-featured blog. The feature lets your clients choose between lots of quality blog templates, news feed structure variants, styles and other options. Due to the ease-of-use and convenience of the system, even a non-proficient client will be able to individually set up and further manage a blog.
  • eCommerce Focus. The website builder also lets you connect a small or medium-sized online store to your website. You can modify the major settings to further entrust your client with the web store development and customization process. This cuts down the entire time of website creation, letting your clients individually upload products, adjust payment, shipping and tax parameters, SEO settings and other features. The process doesn’t imply the knowledge of coding nuances or any preliminary web design experience – it’s up to your customer to decide how his/her web store should look and what performance it should have.
  • Integrations. IM Creator abounds in integration options. The system lets your clients pick the widgets, add-ons and extensions they would like to connect to their projects to give them required performance. Whether you need Google services, statistics collection tools, social media access or other integrations, the system will offer a decent selection.
  • Responsive Design. The need for responsive websites is urgent these days as many people browse websites on their mobile devices. Realizing this fact, IM Creator has designed a set of responsive templates to fit various niches. Whatever order you have and whatever market your client specializes in, he/she will have lots of quality designs to choose from.

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  • Multilingual Websites. The website builder makes it possible to create several language versions of one and the same website. The choice of languages depends upon your customers’ needs, target audience and web design objectives.
  • Search Engine Optimization Parameters. All IM Creator-based websites are perfectly optimized for the search engines. If your client is not aware of SEO basics, you can help him/her fill out meta tags for website pages, set up statistics collection parameters, assign alt tags for images and complete other must-have steps that will contribute to better ranking of their projects in the search engines.

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uKit – is a small business website builder, which has become popular due to its impressive ease-of-use and convenience that do not compromise with powerful functionality of the service. The platform is a top notch destination for users, who have never been engaged in website development, but have a strong desire to learn the web design basics to be able to create quality websites. The service ranks high in the list of website builders, which encompass simplicity and decent performance.

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Just like IM Creator is proud of its White Label Plan, uKit has distinguished itself due to its Affiliate Program. The program offers lots of advantages to uKit users, who don’t wish to stop on their current achievements, but intend to get extra profit. Here is the list of advantages provided within the terms of the Affiliate Program:

  • The Program is an ideal solution for freelancers, small web design studios, individual website developers, bloggers, web communities and even professional webmasters – everyone, who needs a quality web building tool to launch decent projects;
  • The Affiliate Program offers an opportunity to get 30% of the entire sum of payments made by users, whom you work with;
  • It comes with advanced analytics system and ensures beneficial terms of mutual cooperation;
  • All the participants of the Affiliate Program can avail quick and effective tech support any time of the day;
  • Affiliate Program users get a chance to enjoy multiple bonuses, special offers, discounts, promo codes and other advantages the system offers.

uKit Features

uKit functionality is mostly explained by the extensive feature set of the service. The website builder provides long list of design customization tools and options that help newbies and professionals create visually-appealing projects with decent performance. Have a look at the list of options the website builder is proud of:

  • Template Collection. uKit template collection encompasses dozens of high quality responsive designs that fall into thematic categories. The most impressive thing about the designs is their degree of customization – whatever theme will come up to your clients’ project specialization, they will be able to edit it and make the required settings without your assistance and knowledge of programing languages. uKit creates convenient WYSIWYG web building environment, while the drag-and-drop feature allows for quick and simple design customization.

Template collection

  • AMO CRM Integration. AMO CRM is a system of order and client information tracking that makes it possible to control the major parameters, which might influence website performance. Integration of the tool will help your clients track the shopping activity of their customers, implement and manage promotional campaigns, detect the major factors, which influence project efficacy etc.
  • eCommerce Platform. uKit excels at web store creation options, offering two possible ways to start an eCommerce website with the system. A web designer can discuss pros and cons of both options with clients to pick the best one. The first option implies the connection and set up of the uKit eCommerce widget. The second option is realized via integration of the Ecwid plugin that automatically gives any website distinct eCommerce focus. Whatever solution you will go for, your client will get a full-featured web store.


  • Integrated Analytics. The system lets you track your website statistics by connecting integrated Google Analytics tool. What you need to create and use it is your Google account – nothing more.



When you start thinking about the possibility of web design business creation, you may not even imagine all the hassle you will encounter to make the project a success. There are lots of niche-specific nuances and problems that will be a challenge for each user, irrespective of web design experience and skills. Apart from defining the target audience, area of expertise and budget, you’ll have to pick the right web building tool and this is one of the most crucial steps that might have serious impact upon the result of this endeavour. When choosing between popular website builders, users should consider an opportunity to explore IM Creator and uKit.

What option to go for in the long run? To answer the question, mind your experience and objectives. Each service targets a particular user category – just read the reviews and decide on the best solution.

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