How to see patreon posts for free

How to See Patreon Posts for Free

How to see patreon posts for free


Patreon beefed its security making it impossible to see posts for free using third-party apps. If an app claims it can unlock paid content, it is certainly a scam. The first sign it is a scam is if the so-called Patreon premium content unlocking app is asking you to view some ads or download and play free games before unlocking Patreon for you. However, if you are wondering how to see Patreon posts for free, there is a particular method that works. It revolves around how Patreon charges their users and their billing cycle.

Patreon Billing Cycle And Options

Patreon creators have 3 ways of billing their supports:

  1. Monthly, at the start of each month
  2. Monthly, charged immediately, upfront when pledging
  3. Per creation, charged at the start of each

You will be able to see the posts for free only for options 1 and 3.

Here is How to See Patreon Posts for Free:

Step:1 –  Check the subscription plan

This method only works for creators that charge their patrons at the start of the month or on a per post basis. To check this, pay close attention to the “membership confirmation page”. Before pledging, read the page and if the creator charges upfront, cancel, otherwise you will be charged immediately.

Step:2 – Set up debit card

If the creator does not charge monthly upfront, you can see their posts for free. To do this, you will need to use a debit card with zero balance on it. There are fintech apps that allow you to generate virtual debit cards and freeze them. Whatever you do, use a debit card number that cannot be charged or has a zero balance on it.

Patron has a monthly billing cycle which runs on the 1st of each month. Keeping this thing in mind, make a pledge for several creators that you like that either charge monthly or per post. You need to do this immediately after their billing cycle ends meaning at the beginning of the month but not on the 1st. Any day after that is fine. From that moment onwards, you will be able to see paid content.

Step:3 – Cancel subscription before month end

To view the content for free, you need to cancel your subscription a day before the billing cycle begins. Even if you do not cancel, Patreon will try to bill your debit card and if there are no funds available, they will cancel your membership. The outcome is a free month of paid content. Patreon will keep on trying to bill you for the membership. To avoid any issues, cancel the membership and do not fund your debit card. If it is a virtual card, you can just delete it.

Step:4 – Rinse and Repeat

If you want to do this again, you will need to create a new account with a new email address and new billing details. This type of billing cycle used by Patreon can be abused and it is not something that one would recommend doing.


In the future, Patreon may choose to address this by changing the way they charge patrons since it can cause them and their creators to lose money while some users will be getting free premium content.

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