phone overheat

How to Prevent Your Android Device from Overheating?

phone overheat

Overheating is a major problem for Android phones nowadays. As competition increases in the smartphone industry, but overheating is still going on. As you all know your smartphone temperature depends upon the temperature of its environment. If your phone becomes too hot, it may cause several problems. Battery drain, lagging, forced shutdown, auto restart are the major cause of overheating. So, if you are also facing this issue of overheating on your Android device this blog helps you. Following are some methods to prevent your Android device from overheating.

#1 Close background apps

Many apps are running in the background on your android device and you are not aware of it. These apps grab storage consumes ram and it causes battery drainage. This results in the overheating of your phone. By closing these background apps, it increases your phone’s battery. Apps like Instagram, Facebook are running in the background if you don’t remove from background properly. You can remove the apps in the recent menu. You can also remove apps by clearing Ram in setting or by any third party app.

#2 Do not keep your phone under direct sunlight.

Placing your phone under sunlight is a very common thing. But you know it creates a lot of problems to your phone. Due to heat and sunlight, phone get hot and also it slows down your phone. If your phone heats up in the sunlight, place your phone in cold place. Please remove the protective case when you phone emerges heat. It helps the phone cool down more fastly.

#3 Don’t use your phone for too long.

In this generation addiction to mobile is a common thing. People use their phone for many hours which creates a lot of problems. Especially for gaming purpose, peoples don’t realize how much time they are spending on mobile. You phone get overheat when you are using for too long. It will give more heat if you will use your phone while charging. Because at the time of charging many parts of your mobile work at the same time. Therefore your phone gets hot while charging.

#4 Remove virus or malware from your phone.

Virus or malware can go anytime on your phone so please careful. When any malware or virus enters in your phone get heated up. It also sends your data to the developer who created malware. This malware lags your phone and also heated up. Therefore it is necessary to scan your mobiles with the virus scan tool. It will remove all your malware and phone never heated up.

Following are some points through which your phone gets free from malware:

  • Install antivirus tool and scan your phone regularly.
  • Do not click unwanted or strange links while surfing.
  • Do not click any pop-up or notification advertisement while using the internet.
  • Download apps from official app store, Play store or any official site.

#5 Battery problem

If your phone was too old then it might overheat due to a battery problem. The battery is the main cause of overheating of your phone. If you are using an old battery then it surely overheats your phone. It will also slow down your phone and drains your battery fast. Thus it necessary to buy a new battery.


So here, we have listed 5 methods on how to prevent your phone from overheating issue. I hope these methods help you to get your phone from overheating. There are many reasons through which your phone gets heated up. Also, try these above methods which help your phone from overheating.

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