How to Play Android Games on PC


There’s no question that Android games don’t quite stack up to the quality of PC or console made titles, however there’s a huge pool of mobile and tablet gamers with an appetite to play their favourite Android games on PC.

Whilst they may have their shortfalls, Android games offer a simple, easy access and fun to play experience for users, and their quality is improving all the time.

Introducing the power of a PC and access to a mouse or controller offers an optimal Android gaming set-up, so how do you go about making this a reality?

The Basics

Despite the simplicity of the games, it still helps to have a higher performance laptop or PC to help prevent a drop in frame rate or any other issues that could affect the speed of the game.

Likewise, as you’re moving from a mobile to home set up, you want your internet connection to be as slick as possible. Linking your router and PC via a Cat6 ethernet cable, which you can get from RS Components, is your best bet to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Once this is sorted, the easiest way to transfer your games to PC is via an Android emulator.

Installing an Emulator

An emulator, in its most basic terms, is a hardware or software that enables your PC to behave like your Android device and host the software designed for your phone or tablet.

It’s a case of simply choosing your emulator, visiting the specific website, downloading the program to your PC and running the file. From there you will have an Android-esque desktop, or App Centre, on your PC where you can download and access games as you would on your mobile device.

As for what emulator to choose, here are three to consider.

Bluestacks 4

Bluestacks is the most popular software for mobile gamers and probably your best bet, with the fourth and latest installment aiming to improve speed for its users.

Size wise, Bluestacks is one of the heavier emulators available, but offers the ability to play multiple games at once and includes key-mapping for many games installed.


NoxPlayer is a relatively new and free to use emulator that is easy to install and works with lower-end setups.

NOX is an alternative to Bluestacks due to a number of additional features included to give its users an edge in gaming.


MEmu is an up and coming software that pays attention to both Intel and AMD chipsets, meaning it’s a great option if your PC runs on an AMD processor.

Another competitor for Bluestacks, MEmu is still growing and, with its most recent update coming in December 2018, there’s potentially more to come from the software.

There are plenty more Android emulators to choose from, but the good news is you’re literally a few clicks away from enjoying Android gaming on your PC.

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