How to Make Money from Youtube


YouTube is now becoming a great platform for streaming videos. After Google and Facebook, YouTube is in the third position in the field of most visited website. 500 hrs of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube. And the best part is you can make money through YouTube videos. This makes YouTube is the biggest platform for making money on the side online by uploading videos. There are various ways through which you can monetize your videos. Therefore in this article, we have talked about how you to make money from YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube:

Step1: Create a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel is a first and important task. To make a YouTube channel you need a Gmail account if you don’t have then create it. Then got to the and click on My channel option. Select your Gmail account from this option and set up your YouTube channel. You can also change the name and logo of your YouTube channel in settings.

Step2: Find perfect Niche

Every person has a talent and passion in different fields. Thousands of people sharing content on YouTube on different Niche. There are various categories in which you can make content and grab the audience. Some popular niches are singing, teaching, Comedy, cooking, fashion advice etc. In 2019 Gaming channels are very popular nowadays. You should rename your channel according to the niche and make videos regularly.

Step3: Apply for AdSense

Above two steps are just about how to create a YouTube channel. As we know Google AdSense is the key to earn money. The eligibility criteria for the YouTube Partnership Program are as follows:

  • You must complete 4,000 watch hours in previous years
  • You must have minimum 1,000 subscribers
  • Your content must follow the policy of the YouTube Partnership Program

Whenever you completed the above task you can apply for AdSense. It may take some time to approve your account. After approving you can monetize your videos.

Step4: Best alternatives to AdSense

Apart from AdSense, there are many ways you can earn money. Some popular AdSense alternatives are as follows:

  • Affiliate Program: This is the easiest method to earn money. All you need is to put the affiliate link of any product in videos description. If any sales were made through your link you will get a small commission. There are many e-commerce websites which provide affiliate program. Some popular affiliate programs are Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and Shopify etc.
  • YouTube Sponsorships: Many Youtubers were made a good amount of money from this method. In this method, you have to promote the brand products and you get paid for this. This program is quite better than AdSense. As the brands give a handsome amount to the creator to promote their products. There are some popular marketplaces where you can get sponsorship easily.
  1. Izea
  2. Famebit
  3. Grapevine
  4. Channelpages
  • YouTube Super chat: This feature was introduced by YouTube in 2017. In this way, you can monetize your videos by Super chat feature. Anyone can pay you through Super chat feature. This feature will be shown when you become live on YouTube. Eligibility criteria for Super Chat feature:
  1. Your channel should be monetized
  2. Your channel has minimum 1,000 subscribers
  3. You are at least 18

Summary: Thus, these are some typical methods through which you can monetize your videos. Merchandising, Crowdfunding, Channel Membership, YouTube Premium etc. are other popular ways to earn money from YouTube. Being consistent and upload quality videos will help to monetize your videos. YouTube supports all video formats and also give Copyright free music. In a nutshell, if you don’t have a website or blog you can earn money from YouTube easily.

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