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How to Know if Someone has Blocked you on Whatsapp

The advancement in technology has bought a lot of messenger apps in today’s market. But none of them can beat WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become one of the best and widely used messenger app with more than 100 million+ downloads.

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After an update, WhatsApp has introduced the function of WhatsApp status which was liked very much by the users. Moreover, the user-interface of WhatsApp is quite simple, thus providing good user experience. To take this experience to another level, WhatsApp has provided some privacy features like hiding last seen, blocking inappropriate user and more.

So in this article, we are going to talk about how to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. Below are a few methods which can be followed in order to check the issue.

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

The methods provided below can look obvious but are helpful to solve this issue.

Check Last Seen

If you are in doubt that whether you are blocked on WhatsApp or not, then you can determine it by checking the last seen. This is because if a user blocks you on WhatsApp, the last seen vanishes. But as we told above that WhatsApp provides a privacy feature of hiding last seen, therefore, checking the last seen can only be an indication and not surety.

Send Messages on WhatsApp

You can try sending text messages to the user who you might have blocked you on WhatsApp. Now, if there appears double tick, then this means that your message has been landed and you are not blocked. But if there is a single tick for a long time, then this might be an indication that you are blocked by the user on WhatsApp.

Nowadays, there is also a trick to see text messages over WhatsApp without coming online. It may be the possibility that the trick is used by the user. Therefore, you can check out the next method to make sure.

Changing Profile Picture

If you are able to see the profile picture of the user, then you are definitely not blocked. But if you are not able to see the profile picture of any contact, then it might be an indication that you are blocked by the user. Moreover, you will also not be able to see the WhatsApp status uploaded by the user. But the privacy tools of WhatsApp allow you to hide it from specific users. Therefore, don’t jump into a conclusion without being sure.

Add Contact to a New or Existing Group

You can select the contact and try to add the user in a new group or existing group of which you are already a member. If you are not able to add the user into the group, then we are completely sure that you have been blocked by the user.

We have provided another bonus method for you. You can contact any user which is mutual between you and the user which have blocked you. If the user is available for your friend, then it is sure that you have been blocked on WhatsApp. So these were some methods to check out if someone has blocked you. We are pretty sure that you have concluded that you are blocked or not.

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