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How to Increase your Social Media Traffic in 2019

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your social media accounts? By following the easy steps given in this post you can increase your social media traffic and get more organic followers within the next few months.

Here are 5 ways to increase your social media traffic.

1. Use stunning infographics

Infographics are pictures that contain text in an easily understandable format. They let your social media visitors know about you and your business in just a few seconds. Infographics have become one of the vital factors that can increase your social media traffic within a few weeks time.

Another benefit of posting infographics on your social media is that they are easily shareable. People love to provide value to their friends and family by sharing stuff that is useful and entertaining. So, make sure your infographics radiate positive energy towards anyone who comes across it. This will compel them to share it even more.

2. Implement SMO(Social Media Optimization)

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SMO is composing your webpage in a way that it can be easily shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just creating a website with valuable content is not enough. You need to give your visitors plenty of options to share your content on their social media accounts. You can start by adding sharing buttons in between your blog posts using a WordPress plugin like Mashshare.

3. Make your content easily shareable

To increase your social media traffic, make your content as shareable as possible. Both social media posts and blog posts on your websites need to be created in a way that will give a compelling reason to your visitors to share your content with their friends and family members. By making your posts humorous, unique, valuable, mysterious and relevant you can build a strong connection with them. For those of you who have offline businesses, you can share your social media handles on your visiting cards and hoardings.

4. Add click-to-tweets between your blog posts

With Twitter’s add-to-tweet feature, your website visitors can tweet a particular quote or statistics with a click of a button. They don’t have to open a new window to share your content on their twitter account. Another benefit of Twitter’s add-to-tweet feature is that you come off as an authority in your domain when a user shares a quote written by you.

5. Build an emotional connection with your audience

Building an emotional connection with the audience is not an easy task and it cannot be achieved unless you step into their shoes and see the world as they see. Creating engaging videos can increase your social media traffic by enhancing the quality of your website content. There are many successful bloggers who add video tutorials and lectures to their blog posts.


You don’t have to spend a single dollar to implement the above-mentioned strategies. Social media websites like Twitter and YouTube let you create content and gain followers for free. To create stunning infographics, use a free photo editing and design tool like Canva.

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