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How to Download WhatsApp Status in Android Smartphone

There are several situations in which you need someone else WhatsApp status. It could be any photo, videos or any meme that you want to share. It may be a photograph that you want to set as wallpaper on your phone. These are the basic reasons to download someone’s WhatsApp status. Since WhatsApp doesn’t send any notification about anyone grab your status or not. Thus it could be very easy to download.  However, there are several methods through which you can download WhatsApp status easily.

WhatsApp Dare Games

  1. Access the hidden Status Folder

In WhatsApp, if you load any status then it automatically saved in your file manager. As we know WhatsApp status is only last for 24-hours and after that, it will be removed from the file manager.  It is a temporary hidden folder which might not visible in some smartphone directly. You can access these file in the file manager. If you don’t have a proper file manager then you can download other apps for this. After installation of any best file manager launch it. Go to the internal storage section and press the menu button. Just tap on the option which says “Show Hidden Files”. Now go to the WhatsApp folder in the internal storage. You will find a folder which named as “.statuses”, open it. In this, you will get all the status that you have been loaded or seen.

  1. Use Third-Party application

If you don’t want to use the file manager then you can go with this method. There are a number of applications available on Play Store for downloading the WhatsApp statuses. Just download anyone who has the best rating and downloads and install it. After installing, it would ask to grant a number of permissions which you have to allow for the first time. Then it will show the download button at the homepage where you can easily download any WhatsApp status. It also separates the videos and the images in different tabs which looks good. It also gives a number of features for the WhatsApp users and can compatible with the WhatsApp Business tool.

  1. Take Screen Recording or Screenshot

If your smartphone can’t enable to download the third-party app due to low storage then this method is yours. It is the easiest method among all the above. If any WhatsApp status comprises of an image then you can take a simple screenshot. Nowadays smartphone has the capability to take screenshots in many ways. Like in Xiaomi, Oppo and other Chinese brands can take a screenshot by swiping three fingers. In Samsung, you can take a screenshot by pressing both volume down and lock button together. And if you want a proper image then you can crop your screenshot for better looks.

In case if your WhatsApp status was a short clip or video then you can consider screen recording. Of course, it won’t give better quality as compared to the previous method. This feature is already available in all the smartphones right now. But somehow if you don’t get then you can download a third-party app for the screen recording. Consider cropping if you want better quality.

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