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How to Block Website on Android Device

Blocking website on your computer is known to everyone. But there are only limited methods by which you can block the website on your Android smartphone. One thing you should know that there is no perfect method for blocking websites. As anyone can bypass these methods and can access all those sites. The best methods to block a website is by modifying the host’s file. But this hosts file method can only apply on the rooted device. Thus in this article, we will discuss how to block websites on Android device.

1st Method: By using the BlockSite

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Unfortunately, there is no direct way or nor any in-built tool available for blocking websites. And also you cannot go to the third-party add-ons for this. Google Chrome doesn’t offer an extension for Android.

You can use the add-ons for the Firefox but it doesn’t solve the problem for Chrome. And also if you block website through Firefox then it can be opened by any third-party browser.

So, for this “BlockSite” is the best method for this job. This method is also applicable to the PC. The first step of this method is just downloading this app “BlockSite”. Just install it and give all the prompt permissions for the proper working of this app. Now tap on the Plus button and it will open a box. Here, you have to enter the web address and then tap on the Right mark. Now it will save the web address in this app and it will block after saving this. You can now check in any browser, it will not open.

There are also some other features of blockSite that you should know. The basic work of this app is to block the website and also it can block the apps too. You can also use this block feature for any specific time. There is also an option for the Adult Book by which it blocks all the adult websites. Also if you are using this app on your PC then it can be easily synced.

This app also offers the protection password so that anyone can’t unblock those websites. It can be protected by a Pattern or PIN and can prevent changes to your blocked sites.

2nd Method: Using DNS filtering

This is a very easy and short method for the blocking website which is harmful or like adult content. By using this method you can filter the whole network on an Android device. To access this method you just go to the “Settings” and then tap on “Network and Internet” and then open Wi-Fi. Now here click on network name which you want to filter.

After that, open the advanced option and change the IP settings. This IP should be changed from DHCP to Static. Now, enter and in the DNS 1 and DNS 2 respectively. Save these settings in the IP settings. After this, you can check these settings on

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