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How to Become a Social Media Influencer[Quick Guide]

Are you good at broadcasting a message to large audiences in an organic way? You might as well take your innate skills to the next level by becoming a Social Media Influencer.

A Social Media Influencer is a marketing specialist who does direct and indirect selling online. Instead of hiring a celebrity to endorse their product/services, corporations are opting to get their marketing done by the influencers themselves. It is cheap, risk-free and more effective than any other form of marketing strategy.

media influencers

This is the right time to learn how to become a Social Media Influencer and make a fortune by growing and influencing the audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Here are the steps to become a Social Media Influencer.

1. Pick a niche

This is the first and most important step in your career as a Social Media Influencer. A niche is a broad topic that you are going to be creating content on. It could be something you are passionate about or something that you have the first-hand experience with.

You entire social media profile is going to be designed based on the niche you choose, so make sure you pick a niche that you are interested in. Secondly, every social media platform is known for its own unique demographic. Meaning, most Instagram users love reading or viewing content related to fashion, food, and travel. While Twitter users are more into politics and personal finance. So your niche and social media platform should be synonymous.

2. Choose a suitable social media platform

As I mentioned in the previous section, every social media platform caters the audience of a particular demographic. To get a feel for your audience, try creating a buyers persona.

Your buyer’s persona should contain a list of following things about your audience: age, location, gender, sexual orientation, income capacity, education level, their hobbies, and interests, etc.

The next step is to pick a social media platform where your buyer hangs out the most. For instance, Quora and Reddit are two platforms where you can find an audience with high intellectual curiosity. This can be great if you are a trainer or coach of some sort.

3. Jot down a plan and post great content consistently

This is the most arduous phase where most wannabe influencers give up. Posting content consistency requires you to have discipline and a plan. No one can become successful by posting content whenever they feel like.

Most people give up or fail to create sufficient content– in the initial stages of their career as a Social Media Influencer– because there is no immediate reward or gratification. You have to work hard for 1-2 years to build an audience organically. Only then you can expect some income from your social media profile.

The bottom line

Keep in mind that a Social Media Influencer is not an extraordinarily talented individual. They are regular folks who have cultivated habits that make them successful. Even you can emulate them and become a successful Social Media Influencer. All you need is a strong desire to win and passion for what you do.

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