Hack WiFi Using Android

How to Hack Any WiFi Using Android Device – (5 Methods)

Many Android users want to know How to Hack WiFi using Android device. Are you one of them? If yes, then you will get your solution here. Today, I am going to tell the best methods to hack any Wifi easily with Android phone/tablet. You just need to use the best WiFi hacking apps that we have mentioned below. So, you will be able to know the password of your nearest Wifi Router very easily.

Every Internet user wants more data for surfing and downloading. Some of us spent a lot of money on our internet data recharges. But what if we can get free internet by using other’s Wifi? It will be a most awaiting opportunity for us. You may be wanted to hack wifi password of your nearest cyber cafe or any shop to use free internet. It’s not very easy to hack any Wifi as they are secured too much. But, it will become a very easy task for you after you read this post. Many people think that it’s not possible to hack Wifi without PC. So, let me clear your all doubts about Android WiFi Hacking. And, You can hack any WiFi password with the help your Android device.

Nowadays, we can find lots of places where we get WiFi Hotspot. Almost every shop, business, cyber cafe etc. use the Internet for their official work. But, most of them are secured with a password. No one will be able to connect to their WiFi without knowing the password. But, there are still many chances to connect any public WiFi network. You just need to know How to Hack WiFi using Android. So, you will be able to connect any WiFi network, anytime anywhere. We have also shared some funny WiFi Names in our earlier post.

Most of the people are wondering that how we can Hack WiFi using Android smartphone? This question rises firstly in our mind when we think about hacking any WiFi. Actually, there are so many apps are available on the internet which can do your task. You just need to have root access on your Android device. The WiFi hacker app will tell you the password of your nearest WiFi within few seconds. You’ll be also able to know the passwords of the WiFi networks that you’ve connected earlier with the help of the given apps.

Hack WiFi Using Android

How to Hack WiFi using Android Device?

Here we move towards the full guide to hack WiFi using Android phone. But before proceeding, let me tell you some basic requirements that will be needed to crack the password of any WiFi. You need to make sure to complete all the requirements that we have mentioned below. Then, you can go forward to the steps of Android WiFi Hacking guide. You should also check best apps for rooted Android phone.

Basic Requirements for WiFi Hacking on Android

So, these were some requirements that you must be needed for WiFi Hacking. After that, you will be able to hack most of the WiFi Networks which are secured with WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) Pin. Now, just check the steps that I have given to know how to hack WiFi using Android smartphone. I have shared some best working WiFi Hacker Apps with the steps to use them.

1. WPS Wpa Tester Premium

This app is well-known as the best WiFi Hacker app that needs root permission to hack any WiFi Network. The app lets the users know the saved WiFi passwords. I have used this application personally and recommend you to give it a try before any other application. Here, the steps are given to Hack WiFi using Android.


  • At first, download & install WPS Wpa Tester App
  • Open the app and click agree “Terms & Conditions”.

wps wpa terms and condition

  • Now, it will ask you for root access. Just give it root permission.
  • Click on the refresh icon from the top navigation of the application.
  • It will show all the nearby WiFi Networks of your area.

hack wifi using wpas wpa tester

  • You will also get a warning, click on Yes.
  • Click on any WiFi Name (which has a green lock) and then click Connect Automatic PIN.
  • Wait for few seconds, till the process completes.
  • That’s all… You will get a new screen where you will get the password for that WiFi network.

Wps Wpa Tester Password

So, by this way, you can hack any WiFi using your Android smartphone with the help of WPS Wpa Tester App. If this method doesn’t work, look at another method that we have guided below.

2. AndroDumper

AndroDumper is another perfect application for WiFi hacking from your Android phone. This app also shows the WiFi passwords that are currently saved on your phone. It notifies when your device enters the range of any WPS enabled WiFi network. So, you also don’t need to search for the WiFi networks that can be hacked. Just use this awesome application to get the password of any WPS enabled WiFi.


  • Firstly, download the app from the given link.
  • Install & Open the application on your phone.
  • Grant root permissions to the app.

andro dumpper root access

  • Scan the WiFi Networks from icon given at the top of the app.
  • You will get a list of all the nearby WiFi Networks.
  • Select your desired WiFi network and just click on connect
  • Within few seconds you will get the password of that WiFi.

androdumpper password

3. WPS Connect

This is the top working WiFi hacker which lets you connect the WPS protocol enabled WiFi networks very easily.  Like other applications, this will also require the rooted Android device. If you are thinking to crack WiFi password using Android then you can give a try to this app. Sometimes, you may face some issues with this application, but it works fine almost everytime.


  • Download & Install WPS Connect app from the above button.
  • Open the app and allow the root permission.
  • Now, go to the Menu from the top right corner of the application.
  • Click on the Scan option.
  • It will show all the WiFi networks which in your range.
  • You need to click on any WPS enabled WiFi, which will be shown with a green background color.
  • Now, you will get a WPS Pin, choose any one and click on Try.
  • This process will take some time. After that, you’ll be connected to that WiFi Network.
  • Note: If any WPS WiFi is not connecting, try another one with the different WPS Pin.

4. WiFinspect – Hack WiFi On Android

WiFi Inspect is the most popular and known for the best app to Hack WiFi from Android. This app is a security audit tool and it’s not for purpose. The app is specially created for the professional security experts to test the different networks. You can use this application to know the details of any particular WiFi Netw0rk. As I told, it’s not possible to hack WiFi without root, you must have a rooted Android. You can download the application from the link shared below.


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5. Netcut WiFiKill

This is not a WiFi Hacker app, but you can use it to increase your WiFi connection speed. Ever wondered how? This application will stop the connection of all the devices which are connected to your WiFi network and you will get a high-speed internet connection speed. You can also prevent your device from being killed by any other use. This app is really awesome, try this at least once.


Sometimes WiFi Hacking from Android becomes very necessary for us. Why? Because data packs are becoming too much costly and we get some limited data to use. Some of us can’t afford such costly data plans. We also couldn’t download the big files as they require the too much data charges. Secondly, we all get slow speed on our smartphone. We can enjoy high-speed internet with the help of WiFi Connection. That’s why we prefer WiFi rather than our data connection.

Final Words:

We have shared the best working methods to Hack WiFi using Android phone/tablet. You also don’t need any extra skill to crack WiFi password. The apps are very simple and easy to use. If you have ever tried to hack any WiFi network and you can’t hack it, don’t get disappointed. WiFi Network comes with 3 different security types. These are WPS, WPA and WPA2. Among these, only WPS enabled WiFi Connections can be hacked with the apps that I have shared above. From this time, you need to search the WPS WiFi Networks.

This was our easiest way of WiFi Hacking On Android with the help of apps. I have tried to explain each and every step which can be done by anyone. I hope you understand and got How to Hack WiFi using Android. So, let’s start hacking WiFi with the apps mentioned above. Still, if you have any type of problem, you can ask me in the comments.

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