GDPR Certification and The Compliance Procedures

Does your company deal within European Union and your legal advisers have advised you about GDPR certification? Check out the importance of this regulation in your organization’s smooth operation and its procedures for compliance.

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation was designed by the government to protect the personal and sensitive information regarding the EU citizen, who give these data to the organization they tie up with. Even though your venture is located at any part of the world, this regulation will apply to the organization, if it deals with any relationship with a European Union citizen.


Data Protection Act of 1998 has already assured data protection of customers, but they don’t specify any particular measures for protection. But GDPR sets forward some rules and regulations to be followed while dealing and processing these data to reduce the misuse and breaches.

Some of the practical measures of GDPR are:

  • Consent: Data Protective Directive have mentioned the consent standards and GDPR stress on more effective points. Approval in GDPR should be more informative and indicated for the customers to understand the terms entirely. They should be transparent, easily accessible and should use plain language for the customers to interpret why their information is being used and where easily.
  • Rights: There are individual rights under GDPR that the customers can acquire while their data is being processed.

⇒ The right of Access: Each has the right to request the organization about information regarding how their data is used and the organization should provide the customer with a copy of the data if asked for.

⇒ Right to Rectification: In this article of rights, the individual has the right to rectify or correct the data they have provided, at any time by contacting the controller.

⇒ Right to be Forgotten: Under certain unavoidable circumstances, the individual can request for deletion of their data. The reason may be; data is no more needed to be processed further as the real reason for its collection is completed; the individual withdraws the consent; the processing of data was done illegally.

⇒ Right to Restriction of Processing: The individual can restrict the way their data is being processed.

⇒ Right to Data Portability: The data being processed can be taken back for porting it to other services.

⇒ Right to Object: This article of right clears that the individual has the right to object to the current processing of data under a specific situation.

  • Data Processing: The controller is the organization that will decide the way information should be used. Processors will process these data under strict instruction of the controller. The organization should maintain the clear documentation and definition of data processing scope. A certified Data Protection Officer should be appointed for the maintenance of the regulation. Any transfer of the data from native to other regions will need a Privacy Shield certification.

If an organization collects, stores and process any kind of personal information from the citizen under the regulation, GDPR certification or compliance is essential for the further use, and if any negligence is found, legal actions will be taken against the organization.

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