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How to Get Free Public APIs for Testing Purposes

We have seen a fast-moving pace towards Agile development in the world of APIs. One of the biggest advantages of Agile development is the instant feedback from developers which in turn means faster and better development. Even though UI testing looks great on paper it does suffer from many drawbacks one of it being slow because developers don’t know if the code is buggy right away. However, API testing speeds things along is more reliable compared to GUI based testing like the Stoplight visual editor.

public api

Defining an API?

Also known as application programming interfaces, an API is like an interface for software developers used to interact with resources and other data. While the majority of testing is done via an interface similar to the dot net web page, using API testing you can bypass the user interface allowing you to communicate with the application via various API calls directly.

API testing allows developers to test a number of headless technologies like JMS, databases, Web services, etc. Headless testing also known as API testing requires that the UI be bypassed so that the request is sent directly to the backend of the application or a service which will then respond.

It is by far the most straightforward relationship also called a client/server relationship. The client will request the API, asking for the resource, and that will find the server, fill in the request and then ping the client.

Can API Testing Be Automated?

Selenium can only be used for mainly browser-based tests, so you need to figure out which tools are best used for REST and SOAP web testing. Below we have outlined a couple of testing tools which can be used for both REST and SOAP web service testing.

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What started off as a part-time Chrome plugin is now available as software for Mac and Windows. The application can be used to send post requests directly to a server and in turn, will be used to show what response is received. The big advantage of POSTMAN is it’s easy and quick to set up.

Rest- Assured 

It is one of the best open source platforms which is built using Java language and the development environment. It is designed to allow REST testing in an easy and quick fashion. It mainly simplifies the process of removing all the boilerplate code which is required to test the responses. The system supports both XML and JSON responses and requests.

RoboHydra Server 

It is an excellent testing tool which is developed for working with HTTP based clients. The software works by connecting with the client under stress, RoboHydra simulates the server. So, RoboHydra instead of the server responds to requests when it is stress tested.


In our opinion above are some of the best public API testing tools. While we are aware of many other tools across the internet, the idea is to choose one that will work best for you.

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