Four Things To Look For When Selecting Custom Wiring

Are you planning on upgrading the wiring for your workspace? A lot of businesses experience problem areas with their wiring because it’s not rated to withstand the conditions of the environment. Find a reputable cable manufacturing company to help you make a lasting improvement in your wiring.


Temperature Fluctuations And Environmental Stress Capabilities

Some manufacturing environments experience temperature changes daily. This can be due to excess heat from machinery, or it can be a result of the climate where your warehouse is located. Custom cable assemblies are tailored to fit the demands of your business with a dedication to reliability and high-quality cable shielding is designed to outperform other cables. When designing a cable assembly, you’ll have many customization options available that can drastically change the durability of the cables to help them function effectively under virtually any conditions. You can even create wiring that’s able to withstand constant movement, or design a cable that easily survives repeated impacts. If your situation has unique concerns, then custom cable designers will provide the right solutions with a wide variety of protective features.

Friction Resistant Sheathing

Coil cords are created with friction reduction in mind. One of the main sources of wear on your cables is tension within the sheathing that slowly damages wiring over time through abrasion. The products offered at Meridian Cable Assemblies are specifically manufactured to minimize the amount of wear your internal wiring is subjected to. That prolongs the life of your cable assemblies, and it ensures a safe environment for workers. Customized wire harnesses can also keep your work area free from loose cabling. Plus, high-flex cables are extremely abrasion-resistant thanks to its interior cable wrapping and shielding.

UL-Certified Wire Assemblies

UL-certified cables have been independently tested according to the specification standards of United Laboratories. Many varieties of wire are produced that function perfectly according to those dependable performance qualifications. Meridian currently offers over two dozen different UL-certified wires and cables. All available products are manufactured from scratch, and is certified by United Laboratories to produce industrial wiring following their established parameters. Many people enjoy the ease of use that comes from utilizing UL-certified products. It also allows designers to efficiently implement new wiring solutions without starting from the drawing board.

Collaboration With Staff Designers

The most important thing to look for when selecting custom wiring is the degree of effort that the staff puts into understanding your needs. Designers direct all of their focus on knowing exactly what your intended application requires. Custom wires can be used across several fields from the medical industry to military applications. A good custom cable designer will work with you and will analyze the variables present in your utilization of wiring, and will make recommendations to increase the longevity of your product.

Do You Need Customized Wiring For Your Business?

Choose from countless features to improve the performance of your current wiring to create a solution that meets the environmental conditions of your cabling applications. A reputable wiring company will work with you through every step of the process. Furthermore, look for a company that has their products tested constantly for quality assurance, and one that includes a warranty against material defects.

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