Fix Parse Error There was a Problem Parsing the Package

Fix Parse Error – There was a Problem Parsing the Package

While installing any particular Android application, you may have ever got Parse Error saying There was a Problem Parsing the Package. So, if you want the fix for this issue then continue reading this post. Today, I am going to share the different solutions on How to Fix Parse Error there is a problem parsing the package which you get while installing an Android application.

Android is undoubtedly most popular platform which provides us a lot of features. Mostly we get our favorite games and application on the Google Play Store which the official place to download Android stuff. But, sometimes we need to download apps and games from the outer source as they may not available on Play Store. When we try installing the apk file, installation gets aborted with the Parse Error. There may be lots of reason for showing this error. So, here we will discuss these reasons with the solutions to fix there was a problem parsing the package issue.

Fix Parse Error There was a Problem Parsing the Package

Why Parse Error?

The Parse Package Error is the most common issue and sometimes it comes even after customizing the app manifest file. Before we head towards the fixes of this issue, we need to know that Why Parse Error comes in Android application. We have discussed some of the main causes of this error below.

  1. Making any changes to app’s manifest file can cause this error. For example, modifying the version number of the application. Basically, this problem occurs to those who have tried to customize the application or the if you downloaded the application from any source.
  2. You may have downloaded corrupted or damaged apk file which is the biggest reason for the Parse error.
  3. Installation or downloading of third-party application from Unknown Sources may not be enabled from phone’s security.
  4. Your device may not be compatible to install or run the application.

Fix Parse Error – There was a Problem Parsing the Package

Now, I am going to explain the solution for There was a Problem Parsing the Package issue which comes on your Android Mobile devices. Check out the different methods that I have shared below.

#1. Allow Installation from “Unknown Sources”

In some cases, the application didn’t have enough permissions to install themselves. So, make sure you have enabled “Unknown Sources” installation from the Security of your phone’s settings. So, if you haven’t given permission to the third-party apps then you need to enable it from the settings. Don’t know how to allow third-party installation? Don’t worry, check the steps given. I have also shared How to get paid apps for free

  • Goto your Android Settings, then open Security.
  • You will get an option “Unknown Sources”.
Enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources
  • Click on it to allow installation from untrusted sources.
  • That’s all. You have now enabled third-party installation.

Android comes with inbuilt Security which doesn’t allow the third party apps to install on your phone. Some of the apps may contain virus or malware that may harm your device. So, keep in mind that you should download the Apk file from a trusted website.

android app parse error while installing

#2. Check App’s Manifest File

This problem mostly occurs to those geeky persons who have tried to make changes in Manifest file of Android Apk file. Actually, Manifest.xml is a file in Android application which can be customized as per user requirement.  So, the Parse Error may come due to an invalid element in the App’s Manifest file.

The solution for this issue is just you need to restore the manifest.xml file in the default state as it was earlier. You can try some other efforts like changing the apps package name if you are getting this error even after making changes to the manifest file.

Try to rename the app’s package name. Suppose, if the downloaded Apk file name is “music-player1.apk” then try renaming the original package name as ““. Once you renamed the Apk file name, try to install the app and you may not get the Parse Error this time. We have also shared How to Replace KingRoot with SuperSu

#3. Unsupported Android Version

Some of the apps are designed for the specific version of Android such as 4.2 or above. Due to this, you may get the Parse Error while installing any particular application. Well, if you want you can read How to Install Custom ROM. It may be helpful for you to upgrade the version of your Android device.

You can also search on the Google for the older version of the application which you want to use on your phone. The older version of the application may support the device having an old Android version.

#4. Incompatible Device

Some applications are unsupported with some specific devices. There may be chances that your device is not compatible with that application. The application may not support your Android Version or its hardware. So, is there any solution for this problem? Yeah, you can go for any other version or try to install it on any other device.

There was a problem parsing the package

#5. Corrupted or Partially damaged Apk

Well, this is one of the main reason for showing ‘There was a problem parsing the package’. I don’t think that there is any solution for this problem. If you have incomplete downloaded App file then fully download the Apk and try to install in on your device.

#6. Install Apps from Play Store

If none of the above mentioned methods doesn’t work for you then just try to install the app from the Play store. I am sure you will not get any error from Google Play.

You can easily download your desired application from Play Store as it is the official place to download Android apps and games. In case, you are not getting any option to download the app it means your device is not compatible or app is not available in your region.


Through this article, I have shared the best working methods to fix Parse Error – There was a problem parsing the package. I am sure you have got the solution and you will never get this issue from now. Still, if you have any type of problem, you can ask in the comments. Please share the post with your friends.

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