recover damaged sd card

How to Fix damaged or corrupted SD Card ?

The SD cards are susceptible to damage and corruption id they are not handled properly. Damage to an SD card can lead to the loss of important data. This necessitates for measures which can be used to fix the SD card and retrieve the data. The article presents you with methods which may help you to fix your damaged SD card.

recover damaged sd card

First Step

The first step is to ensure that the SD card has been damaged. This might sound strange, but it may also be the case that your computer is infected with a virus or any other malicious software which has caused issues with the SD card. Therefore, it is essential for you to check your SD card by using it with other devices.

If it has been identified that the SD card has indeed been damaged, the next step is to figure out the error which has caused the damage to the SD card. This can be done by running the chkdsk command on the computer while the SD card is connected to the computer.

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Attach an SD card reader with the affected card with your computer and run the command program. It can found be simply searching for cmd in the search menu. Few dialog boxes might appear after the program has been initiated. Follow along with the program and respond to the messages. This will help you in the recovering the SD card.

Reinstallation of the Driver

The reinstallation of the driver is also a method which might help in fixing the damaged SD card. This is performed thorough accessing the Manage option from MyPC. After this, select drive manager. Right click on the name of the SD card drive and click on uninstall to uninstall the driver. After the process has been completed, detach the SD card and restart the computer. Insert the SD card. The computer will detect the SD card and the reinstallation will be completed.

If this did not work, you may allocate a new drive letter to the damaged SD card. This method is used to fix the issue with the SD card when the computer does not shows any folder or drive showing the SD card or the dialog box asks for the insertion of the SD card even though the drive has been assigned to the SD card. This shows that the computer can read the inserted SD card. However, there is a defect in the SD card. To resolve this issue, the user of the computer should assign the drive to the SD card on their own through the use of the operation settings.

Recovering the SD Card

Another way which might help in recovering the SD card is through formatting the SD card. If the files on the SD card become inaccessible or read-only mode and you are not able to write on the SD card or do any other manipulation on the SD card, then you can format your disk to repair the disk and make it accessible. However, keep in mind that it will delete all the data present on the SD card. Therefore, it is advisable to store all the data present on the SD card on a storage device. You can also use the SD card data recovery software to recover files from SD card.

If the above-mentioned methods are not able to help you with the SD card, then it is advisable to contact the manufacturer of the SD card. The manufacturer of the SD card may have inbuilt solutions to the defects of the SD card or may guide on the methods which should be taken to fix the SD card.

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