ExtraTorrents Proxy Sites & Unblocked Mirror Sites List

ExtraTorrent is one of the best torrent sites where we can download our favorite media, games, and software. Whenever anyone wants to download their desired content, they can easily search and get from this torrent website. But, somehow due to illegal piracy issues the Extratorrents is blocked and can’t be accessed by anyone. So, people look for some ways to access this awesome torrenting site. One of those practices to get access is Extratorrents Proxy Sites. These Extra Torrent Unblocked Mirror Sites enables the user to get the same website but on a different domain and server.

The ExtraTorrents is the most popular place to download movies, TV Shows, videos and Computer software. People mostly use this platform as it provides the High-definition movies which can’t be availed from any other platforms. But, the torrents are not considered as legal that’s why they get blocked. If you’re addicted to this amazing platform, you may feel disappointed as you might be not able to access the official Extratorrent website, Right? But, there is always a hope in everything and here too. Yeah, we are here with some Extratorrent Proxy Sites which can help you to enter your favorite platform without any further problems.


Why Extratorrents are banned?

Most of the torrents are banned in many countries including the USA because of piracy. It is one of those sites which provide the content to the people which are pirated without taking any permission. So, government and the ISP blocked such websites in their region. But, the websites are not totally blocked they have just banned in a particular country or region. They can be accessed from the location where they are still not blocked. You can still access these sites with the help of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and Proxies.

How to Access Blocked ExtraTorrents without VPNs?

However, If you don’t feel comfortable using the VPNs then there are some other ways too. There are some Mirror websites of the Extra Torrent are created which have the same layout and data encryption. You can open Extratorrent from these Proxy sites. These proxies are hosted on the server of the countries where Extratorrents are still available and they aren’t blocked by the government of that country.

Many Internet users who love entertainment are addicted too much for torrents. Why? The reason is quite simple. They provide us the movies and video in high-quality which we can’t get from any other website. We have already shared the Pirate Bay Proxy earlier which is also an awesome torrenting website. This time, we are back with some fastest working Extra Torrent Proxy Sites which will be shared through this article.

ExtraTorrent Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites List

It is very harder to find the working Mirror sites and proxies of ExtraTorrents. So, here we have brought lots of proxies which you can use. If any of these sites doesn’t work, you can try another one. These sites are tested by us and they are working fine.

ExtraTorrent Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
https://freeanimesonline.comActiveVery Fast
https://filesdownloader.comActiveVery Fast
https://extratorrents.unblockall.org/ActiveVery Fast
https://sitenable.top/ActiveVery Fast
https://extratorrent.unblocker.cc/ActiveVery Fast
https://extratorrent.bypassed.bz/ActiveVery Fast

These were some of the Unblocked Mirror Sites that allows you to access your favorite torrents i.e ExtraTorrent. In this listing, we have added only those websites which are working and have a good browsing speed. Yeah, There are some poor proxies that are hosted on the servers with low speed. But, here you will get only torrents with fastest connection speed.

Disclaimer: The Proxies which are shared in this article is only for educational purpose. We are not promoting Piracy through any kind.


These were some of the best working ExtraTorrents Proxy Sites 2018 which we have shared with you through this article. These websites do not contain too many advertisements and they provide a good user experience. You will surely get the results that you have expected on the ExtraTorrents original website.

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