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Fix Err Spdy Protocol Error On Google Chrome Browser

Sometimes while browsing any website on the Google Chrome Browser, Have you faced Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error ever? If yes and you are searching for the solution then just keep reading this article. I will show you the 4 working methods to solve this issue on your Chrome Browser. This problem can occur due to an issue with your Internet connection or any it may be a DNS issue. It is observed that the problem comes mostly with the HTTPS-enabled websites. So, let’s proceed to the article where I will show you the permanent solution for err_spdy_protocol_err.

Why this error occurs?

You must know why this error comes before heading towards the solution. Actually, the SPDY is a Google Chrome protocol which is developed to get the faster loading of the web pages. So, the users can get better browsing experience on their Chrome Browser. It also improves the security of the web. This protocol is launched by Google to deliver the web content. The spdy_protocol_err comes due to many reasons like if you use VPNs, or for other reason even without using any VPN. It usually comes with the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. So, here we have found a solution by which you can get rid of this error forever. You should also check Fix Parse Error which comes while installing any Android application.

Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error Chrome

This error also comes with many popular websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit etc. It just shows that “this webpage is not available” message. But, you can solve this error through the solution given. This problem can occur due to many reasons. So, I have shared the different methods to fix the issue. You can try each of them one by one till your problem is not solved. You should also check the solution for Dns Probe Finished No Internet Error

#1. Flush Sockets

This step should be taken first as it almost solves the problem. All you have to do is just Flush the sockets from your Google Chrome browser. Don’t know how to do? Check out the steps given.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser and put the below link in the address bar.
  • chrome://net-internals/#sockets
  • After that, Hit Enter.
  • Now, you will get the Sockets Settings Page. Just click on Flush Socket Pools button. (as shown in the below SS)

flush socket pools chrome

  • That’s all. Your Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error problem will be solved. If you are still facing the problem, check out another method.

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#2. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

You can also try clearing the host cache of your browser. This may also solve your problem. Check out the steps given below to clear the cache of your Chrome Browser. We have also shared the solution to solve Err Ssl Protocol Error 

  • Open the Chrome and enter type the given command in the address bar.
  • Type chrome://net-internals/#dns and then click enter.

clear host cache chrome

  • You will get a new Window, just click on the Clear Host Cache button.

To clear the Browser Cache & Cookies, follow the given steps.

  • Go to Options >> More Tools >> Clear browsing data and mark check on empty cached files + cookies and other site data option. Then click on the “Clear data” button.


#3. Flush DNS Cache

To clear DNS cache, check out my steps. This may also solve Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error from your Chrome Browser. Just give it a try.

  • If you are using Windows, Open Command Prompt. To open, Press Windows+R key and then type cmd and hit enter.
  • Linux users can open the Terminal Windows to execute the command. I have mentioned the command for both Windows and Linux users separately.

Windows: ipconfig /flush DNS

Press Enter and then type the below command.

ipconfig /renew

  • Linux: nscd -I hosts

#4. Re-install or Update Chrome Browser

Well, if all of the above doesn’t work for you then this is the last hope. You may be using an outdated browser or your browser have any other problem. So, it will be better to uninstall and then install the Chrome Browser again. If your browser is outdated then just update it. I have shared the link to download Google Chrome Latest Version setup below.

  • Go to the Control Panel and Uninstall Google Chrome Browser.
  • Then, download the Latest Google Chrome from below.

   Google Chrome

  • Install the setup and launch the Browser.
  • Hopefully! The Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error will be solved from your browser.

Final Words:

Recently I changed my WiFi Router. I was browsing any random website and got Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error issue on my Google Chrome Browser. So, I searched for the solution and got these solutions. I decided to share the solution with you. I have tried to put all the possible reasons for this issue with their solution. And, I hope you loved this article. If you are still facing any problem, please comment below.

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