Create Alluring Graphic Designs to Boost Traffic to your E-Commerce Website

In case you own an e-commerce business venture, then you must already know how important it is for you to have a fully functional business website. Your business website will be everything that will help your business to grow, and hence, you need to create it in such a way that it can always attract customers. The idea is to reach out to a worldwide audience so that they notice you. 

Often, digital marketing agents will harp on the importance of creating a responsive business website that is ready for mobile phones, but it is equally essential for you to focus on the graphic design of your website. In this article, you will learn about how you need to ensure that the graphic design of your business website must be designed to help you generate more business traffic. 

Why has graphic designing become a necessity for websites?

Graphic design is the broad umbrella term which is used to refer to all types of visual elements that are present in your business website. It will include everything from the background color to the foreground color you use, the images and pictures you put up, the fonts which you use, the placements of your texts and images and so on. Graphic design will decide how your website will appear to the users when they first land on your page. A good graphic design can make the user experience of your business website extremely positive by helping in guiding the users to find what they are looking for without much delay or effort. 

It is crucial to understand that first impression are often the most penetrative human experiences and can be a deciding factor in how a person feels about your website and hence, with a good graphic design you will be able to attract and allure more people in your business website. Thus, it is important for you to focus on a clean and simple graphic design which is attractive to look at also. This is why you must improve your graphic design.

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Why is it important for e-commerce websites?

Good graphics primarily drives an e-commerce business website. You will need to upload a lot of pictures and photos to show your viewers the products that you have to offer them. You will need to find ways to make the photos as beautiful as you possibly can to attract their attention. Asides from this you will need to upload photos and pictures which are of a promotional and advertising kind to show people how your products need to be used and how they can help in easing their lives. Thus, a lot of visual content will be uploaded on your business website. Also, it is important to have the right background color so that the images that you upload can have a clear contrast with the background which would make them stand out more clearly. You will also need to use fonts which do not invade into the photos or take up too much space on the web page. Thus, it is important for you to focus on graphic design on an e-commerce website.


It is important for you to upload high-resolution photos of your products. You need to upload them in a way that they do not take up all of the web pages. You can use thumbnail views for this purpose. It is important to choose the optimum photo dimensions when you upload the images. It needs to be around 2 inches by 4 inches for a desktop screen. Also, you must upload the photos with high contrast. Advertising or promotional images should be bigger and should be used as highlights on your main landing page to draw the immediate attention of the viewer.


You will need to use either a simple white background with a gold or yellow foreground or dark background with a light foreground. This will help you in offering ample contrasts to the eyes and not risk mixing up photos with the backgrounds. Using a black background will make the e-commerce website appear more professional and will help you in keeping your web pages load easily and quickly also. It is vital that you must use the background wisely and not go for highly vibrant or fluorescent color as that will not be too useful.


You must use a font style which appears professional and yet does not seem too formal. It is always recommended to use a font style like Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri because these are simple and direct. You can adjust the boldness of the fonts to a level that seems optimum to you. You should not alternate too much with font styles, try to use two specific font styles – one for general information and one for your headlines. You can use italics at times, but keep it to a minimum. Also, you need not use colored fonts; the general black fonts will be perfect for e-commerce websites. 

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As the owner of an e-commerce business venture, it will be highly essential that you should have a business website which can let your viewers easily understand the types of products that you have to offer them. You will need to upload pictures of your wares and advertise them properly. Also, you must make sure that the product details are easily legible and detailed. All of these aspects can be easily covered by a good graphic design strategy which should be incorporated in your business website. You must use a dark background color on which your product photos can easily stand out. You need to use a simplistic font style to convey product information easily. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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