How to Control iPhone from Computer Without Jailbreak?

Nowadays, people want big screen whether it is their iPhone or LED. If you are also one of them, then we have something for you. Today, we will discuss the topic, How to control iPhone from Computer? Sounds interesting? Yeah, there are a lot of apps which can be used to control iPhone from PC. But most of them require you to jailbreak your iPhone. With our today’s method, you can easily Control iPhone from Computer without jailbreak. Now without consuming more time, let us jump to the main topic. We will learn two methods to remote control iPhone from PC. The first method is by using Airserver, second using ISL.

How To Control iPhone From Computer?

To control iPhone from Computer, we will use Airserver. Airserver is the best app which makes it easy to control iPhone from a PC. You can use Airserver on Windows and Mac both. Follow the below steps to install Airserver.

Guide to Install Airserver On PC

1. First, go to from your PC browser. On the website, hover the mouse to the Products from the menu.

2. Now select the operating system you are using. ( I have chosen Airserver for PC.)


3. On the next page, click the download button.

4. Now choose your operating system and windows version of your pc. It will start downloading.

5. Double tap to open the application you have downloaded.

6. Click Next to install it on your pc.

7. As all the applications, Airserver will also show you an agreement. Simply tick I agree and hit Next.

8. Then select the option I want to try Airserver Universal.

9. Now select the folder and again click Next.

10. It will ask you “Do you want Airserver Universal to start when you log in to Windows? Select No and hit Next again.

11. Then Click Install and then click Finish.

12. Now, Click Try. Then ultimately click Finish.

Done! The process simple despite a little bit lengthy. But you can complete it within 2 minutes with the help of above guide. You have successfully installed Airserver. Now you can control iPhone from Computer. Follow the below steps for the same.

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Steps to Control iPhone From Computer Using Airserver

1. From taskbar of your PC, click Airserver icon to launch it.

2. It will show you list. Click QR code for Airserver connection. You will get a QR code.

3. Download Airserver application in your iPhone from App Store. You can also download it by clicking on below link.


4. After installing, open Airserver and scan the QR code on your pc screen.

5. Within a few seconds, it will show a message on the screen that your desktop has been successfully added.

6. Swipe up and click the Screen Mirroring option.

7. Select your PC or Desktop from there.


8. Voila! You are done with all the steps. Now you are all set to control iPhone from computer.

airplay app

Note: Even after following the above guide if screen mirroring doesn’t work, click stop mirroring and start it again. If you still fail, do this again and again till screen mirroring start working.

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How To Control iPhone From PC Using ISL?

If you don’t want to follow the long guide then you can use ISL to control iPhone from Computer. Yeah, you have to just follow the below 4 steps and you can easily control iPhone from PC.

1. Download ISL in your PC and iPhone.

2. On your pc open ISL and start a session.

3. Now open ISL on your iPhone also and share the session code with iPhone to establish the connection.

4. That’s it. When the connection is successful, you will see your iPhone screen on PC.

So, this is the easiest method to mirror iPhone screen on a Computer.

Final Words

So, these are the two easiest methods to control iPhone from computer. Both of the methods are working finely. If you don’t want to work much, then the second method is the best for you. Otherwise, Airserver is the best application for this work. If you face any problem while using the method, feel free to comment below. Keep visiting and also don’t forget to share this guide.

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