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How to Check your Airtel Broadband Data Usage ?

Airtel is rated as the fastest Internet Service Provider all over India. Most of the people have Airtel Broadband for using the Internet on their PC and Mobile devices. Have you ever been left without a high-speed working data connection just because your monthly usage limit is exceeded? The most common reason for this problem is that people have no idea about their data usage. If you want to get rid of this data usage issue, just keep reading this article.  We are here just to help you out from this situation through this post.

If you are also an Airtel Broadband Customer, this post is going to be very helpful to you. With the help of the solution which we will be discussing below, you can track your Internet usage within a few clicks. In this way, you will have an idea about your usage and you can use the Internet properly according to your need. Here we will know how to check Airtel Broadband usage in the simplest way.

Airtel Smartbytes allows you to keep your eye on your Airtel Broadband data usage. This tool acts as an Internet usage manager for your Airtel Broadband and helps you in many ways. It shows the total data used by your broadband and how much data is left in this month quota. You can also set up the daily usage limit using the Airtel Smartbytes. So, In case you cross the limit, you will be notified which helps you to stay within your Internet monthly quota.

airtel smartbytes

How to Check Airtel Broadband Data Usage with Smartbytes?

So, here are the complete details about executing this task. You just simply need to follow the steps which are given below.

  • First of all, make sure you are connected to your Airtel Broadband.
  • Now, follow the given link and open the webpage.

  • No need of registration, just click on the Broadband Menu there.
  • You will get the Broadband Internet usage details for the month.
  • It will also show you the total data left in your monthly quota.
  • You can also buy the addon from there if you want more data for surfing the Internet.

This is how you can track your data usage in Airtel broadband. Now, you won’t need to worry if you are exceeding your monthly data usage.

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How to Check Airtel Broadband Speed?

Sometimes you might be wanted to know your exact Internet connection speed. If you want to perform the test for your Airtel broadband then it’s very simple. Have a look at the steps mentioned below.

  • You will have to follow the same steps as we used above to check Airtel Broadband Data Usage.
  • Click and visit the link given below and you can surely check your Internet Connection there.
  • Link:

Final Words

This was the simplest way to check Airtel Broadband usage. Smartbytes is officially launched by Airtel to monitor your data usage. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you loved this post, please share with your friends.

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