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How to Change IMEI in Any Android Phone – (Without Root)

In this article, I will tell you the guide to Change IMEI  Android Phone without Root or with Root. You have read many articles about changing that requires root permission but this guide will work both for rooted and non-rooted phones.

Changing IMEI has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many people change IMEI for spoofing some Android apps. They also change IMEI to Earn money online using different types of android apps. IMEI is basically used for tracking any mobile. Every phone has its IMEI number which helps to Trace lost or stolen phone, or trace criminals.

Now, the question is What is the need to change IMEI number on your phone? So, If you change IMEI number of your phone then the identity of your phone will be changed. By changing IMEI, no one can track your phone. There are many Android apps available on play store that asks for IMEI number of your phone. There are many apps that offer Free Recharge, or you can Earn Money Online from those apps. But you can earn only one time per phone. So, If you can change IMEI number on an android phone then you can easily earn unlimited times from apps.

change imei in android

There are many android apps available on Google play store which can easily change IMEI but these apps require root permission to operate their function. But I’ve got a method to Change IMEI in Non-rooted Android phones easily. So read the below steps carefully to change IMEI in non-rooted Android phones. If you already rooted your android phone, Don’t worry I will also tell you the easier method to change IMEI in rooted phone also. Also, Read our article, How to Hide Whatsapp Images from Gallery in Android?

How to Change IMEI in Android Phone (Rooted Phones) ?

Note – Copy the original IMEI number of your phone before you change the IMEI so that if you need original IMEI in future, you can easily paste it.

To get the original IMEI of your phone , simply dial *#06# from the dialer or you can get it from settings >> About Phone

1) First of all, you need to Activate Xposed Framework in your Rooted Phone.

2) Now Download IMEI Changer App From Here – Click here to download

3) Install the IMEI changer app on your phone.

4) Now open the Xposed installer and go to modules and Tick on IMEI changer app to activate the app and reboot your device.

5) Now open the IMEI changer app. It will show Real IMEI in current IMEI option.

6) Click on New IMEI no. option and type any 15 digit IMEI which you want.

7) Now click on Apply button.

8) Now the IMEI changer app will show you the new IMEI number in Current IMEI option.

9) That’s it.. Now reboot your phone and check your new IMEI by dialing *#06#

So this is the process to change IMEI in rooted android phones.

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Steps to Change IMEI of Android Phone without Root (MTK Chipset)

Now I will tell you the process to change IMEI in non-rooted Android phones. This trick may work on the Android devices which are running on Mediatek Chipset. You can easily change IMEI number by using an app called Mobile Uncle Tool. So let’s start the procedure to change IMEI of Android without root having root access.

1) First of all, you need to download Mobile Uncle Tool app in your phone – Download here

2) Install and open the app.

3) Goto Engineer >> Engineer mode (MTK) in mobile uncle tool.

change imei from mobile uncle tool

4) Now scroll down and find CDS Information and click on it.

5) Now click on Radio Information and after clicking you will get 2 options, Phone 1 and Phone 2.

6) Now click on Phone 2 and you will get a new option AT+

7) Now replace AT+ with AT+<space> Your 15 Digit IMEI number

For Example , AT+ 123456789012345


8) Finally, Click on Send AT Command.

change imei number without root

Now you have successfully changed your IMEI number. If you want to confirm, then simply dial *#06# from the dialer of your phone.

Note – This trick is only for educational purpose. Please don’t use it for any illegal activities. We are not responsible if any damage occurs. Well, both processes were tested by me and it works.

Conclusion: In this article, I shared about change IMEI of Android phone without root. I hope you find it useful to you. Keep visiting our blog for latest tips and tricks.

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