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Top 21 Best Xposed Modules for Android You Must Have

Every Android lover wants more and more customizations on his/her Android device. That’s why they root their Android Phone. But, Xposed Modules are must be required that make your work easier. If you are also an Android lover, then this is the right page for you. Here, I will share the Best Xposed Modules for Android that helps you to do more customization on your phone.

If you have Top Xposed Modules 2017 then you will be able to add extraordinarily features to your phone. You can add more tweaks to your phone using these awesome Xposed Modules for Android. You can also get access to many features which are not inbuilt on your Android device. After people Install Xposed Framework on their phone, they search for the Xposed Framework Modules.

Best Xposed Modules
Best Xposed Modules

Without Xposed Modules, you cannot enjoy the real fun of rooting your phone. As many people are crazy for this, We’ve decided to share the Best Xposed Modules for Android in this post. In this post, We have added the Xposed Installer Modules for KitKat, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and other older versions of Android.

Best Xposed Modules for Android

Best Xposed Modules are shared especially for those Android users who are too much addicted to customizations. Yeah, If you are also a customization lover and haven’t tried it yet. I am sure you will love these modules for the Xposed Framework.  These modules can help you to give a new look to your phone. You can change fonts, icons, boot animation and other inbuilt features with the help of these tools. You can change IMEI number, device id, MAC Address etc. with the help of these modules for Xposed Framework.

How to Install Xposed Modules on your Android?

First of all, make sure your phone is properly rooted. Now, follow the below steps.

  • Download and install Xposed Framework on your Android phone.
  • Search on google for your Android version to download the latest Xposed Framework or download the Xposed installer from below.

   Xposed installer

  • Install the Xposed framework and then open it.
  • Allow the root permissions and click on install/update button.
  • Reboot your phone and open the Xposed framework app again.
  • Now, you have installed Xposed Framework successfully. To Installer the modules, go to the modules section from the Xposed Installer application.
Install Xposed Modules
Best Xposed Installer Modules
  • You will be required to reboot your phone every time after installing the modules.

#1. Gravity Box

Gravity Box is an awesome app for Xposed Framework that can customize your phone to the next level. This application has lots of amazing options to make customizations on your Android phone. If you don’t want to try or Install Custom ROM then this application is helpful to you. You can make lots of customization to your Android’s stock ROM and make it look like custom ROM. You don’t need to flash any file through the recovery for any tweaks and customization.

Gravity Box can be used to make the change in your notification bar, status bar, navigation bar keys, tweak display, audio controls, and many other features are added to it. You can also add navigation keys to your phone manually with the help of this application. Take a quick view of its main features

  • Lock screen tweaks
  • Media Tweaks
  • Audio Controls
  • Display Tweaks
  • Power Tweaks
  • Status Bar Tweaks
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
  • Screen Recording
  • Hardware key actions
  • Notification control

These were the main features of Gravity Box application. This is the best Xposed module which is available for JellyBean, KitKat, lollipop, and Marshmallow.

Best Xposed 2018 Modules
Top Xposed Modules 2017

   Gravity Box [MM]

   Gravity Box [KK]

#2. Greenify

Most of the Android user face the problem of running out of RAM on Android devices. You may be also one of those. If you have installed lots of applications then you have felt that your phone works very slow. This application can close all the application which are running in the background and consumes too much RAM. You can manually select the application that you don’t want to run in the background.

This application is also helpful for many people to improve their battery performance. Actually, Greenify can help you to improve the performance of your Android device. The application is available for free download on Play Store.

Best Xposed modules Lollipop
Best Xposed modules Lollipop


#3. Xprivacy – Top Xposed Modules

Xprivacy is the most popular Xposed module that can add or change a specific value in any Android application. This application can be also used to deny or allow any particular permission of any app. For example, you can change device id, IMEI number or any other values for a particular application. You won’t require changing the whole device’s values.

There are so many Android applications that read your device’s information. Xprivacy is mainly used to bypass the values like IMEI, location and other values for any Android app.

Xposed Modules for KitKat
Xposed Modules for KitKat


#4. Amplify Battery Extender

You may have faced the battery draining or any other related problem on your Android device. This is the common problem for an Android user. But, using the Amplify Battery Extender, you can improve the battery performance level of your phone.

This application stops all the application which runs in the background and drains your phone battery. In this way, it increases the battery life of your phone.

Top Xposed Modules Nougat

   Download Amplify

Check this video to know more

#5. Awesome Pop-up Video

You might have seen many Android devices in which you can do any task along with watching the video. This feature is not available on all Android devices. You can avail this feature on your any Android phone with help of Awesome Pop-up video.

Sometimes you have to minimize the video if you receive any message or notification. This makes the process too long and it also irritates us. Now, you can do multitasking with the help of this Xposed module.

Download Xposed Modules 2018
Xposed Modules Download

   Awesome Pop-up Video

#6. Xblast Tools – Xposed Module

This is one of the best Xposed modules for the customization of your Android device. You can change the color of various system elements like Status Bar, Signal Color, WiFi Signal Color and so many other things can be done using this awesome application.

If you want to get a new look on your Android device, then you need this Xposed Framework Module. Using this module for Xposed Framework, you can make many changes on your phone.

Must Have Xposed Module
Must Have Xposed Modules 2018

   Xblast Tools

#7. XuiMod – Best Xposed Modules

XuiMod is the collection of unique features that are ported from other ROMs. You can tweak your system settings and customize your phone with the help of this Xposed module. You can add seconds in status bar clock, change battery style and so many other features which are ported from other ROMs. With the help of this Xposed framework module, you can give your Android device a new and attractive look.

Best Xposed Modules Marshmallow
Best Xposed Modules Marshmallow


#8. BootManager

With this Xposed module, you can prevent the applications that run automatically on system startup. You can restrict any particular application that you won’t want to run on startup. You can make your phone run faster by restricting the applications which start on system boot.

Xposed Modules for Jellybean
Xposed Modules for Jellybean


#9. Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notifications is an elegant and prudent way to show notifications on the lock screen. If your phone is locked then you can see the latest notification on your lock screen. You don’t require everytime unlock your phone to check the notifications. You will get the notifications directly on your lock screen. Try this at once, I am sure you will love this application.

   Dynamic Notifications

#10. YouTube AdAway

YouTube Ads irritates a lot while watching the videos. It also wastes our lots of time as we need to wait for skipping the ads from the videos. But what if you can get rid of those ads? Yes, this is the best Xposed module that can help you to solve your problem. Using this application, you won’t need to click on the skip ad button every time. This application automatically skips the ads that appear in the videos. It’s main features are:

  • Remove YouTube Ads
  • Easily Remove Channel logo from videos
  • Remove Information Card Teasers
  • Remove Video Suggestions

   YouTube AdAway

#11. SwipeBack

As its name indicates, it enables you to go to your previous screen just by swiping the screen. If you don’t like clicking the back button every time then this module can make your work easier. You won’t need to click the back button every time when you have to go back. This app can handle the work as your back button. But this application does the problem with some applications that have already swipe to back option.So, I recommend that just disable those apps which occurs the problem. You can setup swipe left, right, up or all three if you want.


#12. Flat Style Colored Bar

Your Android phone may have the black-colored status bar or navigation bar. This look too boring and most of the time you think about changing it. Well, here is an option to change the color of Status & Navigation Bar. You just need to install Flat Style Colored Bar Xposed Module and change the design of your Status and navigation bar. This application also has so many other features that you will love. To Install this Best Xposed Module, check the link given below. We have also shared GBWhatsApp for Android


#13. App Settings – Best Xposed Modules

App Settings is one of the best Xposed Modules 2016 that handles the settings of all installed applications. Using this application, you can know the information about the apps that are installed on your phone. You can manage the permission of applications, change its settings and many other tweaks using this Xposed Module. You can also change many other values of the apps like Font Scale, Notification Priority, Hide Title Bar, DPI & Reported Screen Size, Disable Full Screen. Keep Screen on while running the app and many other settings can be done using this module.

Download Xposed Modules Nougat
Download Xposed Modules Nougat

   App Settings

#14. WiFi Pwd

If you connect any WiFi network, there may be chances that you forget the password. This module can help you to remember the saved WiFi password on your Android Phone. There is another benefit of using this application. If you recently connected to someone’s WiFi Network, then you don’t need to ask him/her for the password again if you want to connect another phone.

   WiFi Pwd

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#15. Physical Button Music Control

This module can help you to control the music from your volume buttons. You can control the music even on Screen Off/Lock. You can easily play next/previous music without touching the screen. This makes it the best Xposed Module for music lovers.


#16. iFont – Best Xposed Modules 2017

Have you ever tried to change fonts on your Android phone? You can easily add a font of different styles on your phone using this awesome iFont module for Xposed Installer. This app includes more than hundred of fonts for your Android device. You can choose one of your favorite font using this Xposed Module. This application allows you to change your system font without touching the system settings. You may also like Freedom Apk for Android.

Best Xposed Modules
Best Xposed Modules


#17. Instagram Downloader

Do you an Instagram addicted person? If yes, then here is one of the best Xposed modules for you. This application can download images and videos from the Instagram. As we all know that we can’t download or save videos and pictures from the Instagram Android application. But, by using this module on Xposed Framework, you can now save Instagram images and videos to your phone’s gallery. Not only saving feature, this application also adds zooming feature on your Instagram app which enables you to zoom images.

  Instagram Downloader

#18. Fake My GPS

There are some Android apps that ask for our current location. If you don’t want to be tracked and doesn’t want to share your exact location with them, then just use this module. Although you can bypass your location using Xprivacy application which is mentioned above. But, it doesn’t have the option to add a custom location. Using the Fake My GPS Xposed Framework Module, you can add the location of your own. You can also use Best VPNs for Android to secure your network traffic.

   Fake My GPS

#19. MinMinGuard

MinMinGuard is the best Xposed Module to block in-app ads on your Android. This is an ad-blocker for the whole application, not for websites. The main advantage of using this module is that it also removes the empty space caused by the advertisements. You can remove ads from any particular application. You can choose any specific application in which you want to remove the advertisements. This application has also the feature to view the number of ads blocked by it.


#20. RootCloak

RootCloak allows you to hide root access from some application that wants to know that your phone is rooted. Just add the applications in which you don’t want to show the root access. There is so many Android application which can’t be used on rooted Android devices. This module allows you to use those applications. Once you add an application which causes the problem in running because of root access, you can solve the problem using this module.

Most Popular Xposed Modules
Most Popular Xposed Modules


#21. WhatsAppX

WhatsAppX is an amazing Xposed Module for customizing your official WhatsApp application. if you a WhatsApp lover, then you will love this Xposed Installer Module. You can add many features like a quick reply from the notifications, add per contact wallpaper, password protect any particular chats and so many other features are added. You should also check WA Tweaks which allows you to customize WhatsApp.

Best Xposed Modules 2017 Nougat
Best Xposed Modules 2017 Nougat

Xposed Framework enables you to add customization to your Android device without touching the system files. But, it is necessary to use the best Xposed Modules that can customize your Android device. You don’t need any need for custom recovery or flashing custom ROMs. You just have to download the above modules and it will do your work.


So, have you tried these Xposed Modules on your Android device? If not, then download and use these modules now on your phone to see the major changes. These were the most popular Xposed Modules for Android. And, I think these were the best Xposed Modules of all time which are loved by most people.

Best Xposed Modules are very hard to find. You may also get any duplicate module on the internet that can cause harm on your device. Here, I have shared Top 21 Best Xposed Modules which are used and tested by me. And yes, these modules are awesome, give them a try. So, how were these Best Xposed Modules for the rooted device, let me know in the comments.

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