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Best iOS Apps to use in 2019

iOS app

The latest iPhone from Apple was quite impressive and powerful especially the camera department. Instead of these features, there are a number of apps listed on the App Store. We usually consider the Instagram, Spotify, Twitter or Spotify. But there are also some apps which are useful most probably in our daily life. Whether you have a new or an old iPhone you just have to update with these apps and make your iPhone cool. We have listed some best iOS VPN Apps 2019 which are not popular but still are more interesting and give immersive experience.

Best Apps for iOS 2019 :-

  • Agenda: It is a note-making app in which you can save your project and your future work. It works very fluently and it acts like a remember and it shows all the time progress of your work. This app is very useful for those who usually do office and project work. The main feature of this app is that it can be synced with your iPad and mac so you can easily manage without your iPhone. You can also share your notes in PDF formats through the iCloud.
  • Grammarly: Most probably auto correct was not helpful every time. Grammarly checks your statement and the sentences and that can be very useful for the office workers. Sending an important email and the use of wrong words and also get into the worst situation. Thus Grammarly checks the spelling, grammatical mistakes, suggest words, and other related to writing. This app is free while you can also use the premium features like passive voice, word suggestions etc. which cost you a little bit.
  • Swiftkey: It is a keyboard in which you can swipe for typing. Basically, in simple keyboards you have to type by tapping the letters one by one which often takes more time. But Swiftkey comes up with an important feature in which you have to swipe from the last word to the end. It can also support up to two languages simultaneously.
  • Toggl: It is one of the most popular and important time tracking apps. If you want to track the time that you spent in the office, meeting, and on other office tasks then toggl is best. Toggl usually works on all platforms like windows, android, mac, and Linux etc. You can also sync the iPhone app with your iPad and Mac.
  • Things 3: It is one of the best task-management apps which is very useful in daily life. You can check your task after completing. It helps you to remember the tasks which are pending and the others that you have completed. It is a paid app which was like a one-time investment.
  • Shazam: If you want to figure out the song that you have heard nearby your house then you should install this app. Shazam app listens to the particular song and lets you know about the song name etc. It will also give you some more details like singer, lyrics and where you can listen to this. You can get it from the App Store without any charge because it’s free.
  • Dropbox: Cloud services are more popular now these days. But Dropbox is on the top positions because it works very smooth on every platform. You can upload the file on Dropbox and can access on any devices like laptop, iPad, Mac, tablet etc. There is also a great cloud service i.e. Google drive which mostly runs on Android and is used by Android users mostly.

All the above best apps for iOS 2019 are more productive and are useful for every iOS user.

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