Best Instagram Tips

9 Effective Ways to Use Instagram to Get More Likes & Followers

Most of the Instagram users asked me for a long time that “What is the Best Way to Use Instagram to gain more followers and likes?” I was not having much experience of Instagram as I was not too much attracted to it earlier. So, I started experimenting with it and got the results that I am going to share in this article.

Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media Site these days. It is most loved by the young people who love sharing photos and having the habits of clicking pics daily. We can add different filters directly on Instagram that makes it more interesting.

So, after it came in trend most of the people created their account on Instagram, and you are also one of those. Right? After creating an account on Instagram people started using it on regular basis. But some of them observed that they aren’t getting more likes and followers on their profile.

You may have also faced the same problem. You may have worked too much on it but couldn’t get the better results. The pics you have uploaded may not get more likes on Instagram. And It might be made you disappointed. Now, your mind needs to know these questions…

Why am I not getting any like and comments on Instagram?
How to gain more followers on Instagram?
How to get more likes on Instagram?

I am going to answer these questions in this article. Just proceed to the article to know the best way to use Instagram to gain more followers. You may also like How to Upload Photos on Instagram from PC Browser?

Best Way to Use Instagram to Gain More Followers

Best Instagram Tips
Best Instagram Tips

#1. Share Relevant Images & Posts

This is the most important factor that affects your likes and followers on your Instagram account. Always try to share the images and posts that people can relate to and can easily understand. Don’t post anything that needs people to search it on google.

#2. HashTags are SkyRocket

Hashtags are the skyrocket that can reach your post to a lot of people. People that search for a particular hashtag will get your post. But keep in mind that you should use the Hashtags in a manner that is related to your post. You can’t use “#sweet” while posting an image of Lemon.

#3. Post at Right Time

Posting Time matters a lot on any Social Media. You need to understand your audience’s most active time on Instagram. Most of the people check their Instagram feed at morning before going to school, college or office. So, posting at 5:00 – 6:00 AM would be the best. You can post anytime when you feel that most of your followers are active.

#4. Use Instagram Video

Using Instagram Video, you can reach out more people to your Instagram Account. If you upload good videos that people love, there will be more chances that you will get more likes, comments, and shares. If you have a business account, then post videos of your services and products reviews. It will surely improve your audience.

#5. Do Like & Comment on random posts

Always like posts and photos from random pages or people. This will let the unknown people to know about you. And this will definitely increase your likes on Instagram. You can also gain Instagram followers by commenting on different posts.

#6. Follow Others

This is the most important tactic to gain more followers on Instagram. Just follow other people and they will follow back you in return. In this way, you will get the more followers.

#7. Be Regular

Be Active on Instagram and post on it on regular basis. Ensure that you are not posting too much that makes your audience to stay away from you. So, keep in mind that what and when should you post.

#8. Show Love and Respect

You should respect your followers so that you can expect respect from them. Treat people such that they do not feel bad. Try to show your love and respect while communicating. It will build a good relationship with them.

#9. Add Effects and Filters

Instagram has its own feature to edit your photos and give a new look by adding effects. Taking advantage of this feature, add effects and filters while uploading photos. This will make your images more attractive and will increase the number of likes. Also Check Out- Best Photo Editing Apps


These were the tips to get more likes, comments, and followers on Instagram. Everyone wants that they have more followings. Right? Just follow the above tips and surely it will boost your followers and likes. How was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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