Best Android Apps for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is the most popular app which connects people all over the world. By updating this app it introduces a lot of features which quite helpful for the users. Features like Audio call, group videos calls, stickers, etc. make this app friendlier. There are other features also which you can get through the third-party apps. In this article, we will discuss Best android apps for WhatsApp users to make this app better.

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  1. Transcriber for WhatsApp

This app will surely get the benefit to you. The main function of this app is that it transcribe the audio to the text. This app is usually helpful when you want to listen to the audio that you received from your friend. But due to some reasons or privacy, you are unable to listen to that audio. Thus this app will surely help you to an abstract message from audio in the form of text. Here are the basic steps on how to use the transcriber for WhatsApp:-

  1. Just tap and hold the audio message and press the share button.
  2. After tapping the share button, just tap on the Transcriber app which opens a new window.

iii.    It will open a new chat window which shows the text version of an audio message.

There are also some other features in this app like opacity level, chat history, and language, etc. You can get this from Play Store for free.

  1. SKEdit Scheduling App

If you want to schedule the message of WhatsApp then this app is for you. Message schedule app is very important nowadays especially for those who usually busy in meetings. By completing 3-4 steps you can easily schedule your message. After installing the SKEDit, you will get a number of apps in which you can this feature. Select the WhatsApp, and just connect the WhatsApp account with the SKEDit. After completing these steps you can easily schedule your message on WhatsApp easily. This app totally works automatically, and you can also use the setting for more options. SKEDit is a free app, available on Play Store.

  1. AutoResponder for WhatsApp

You might have heard about the autoresponder for emails but this app is probably used for WhatsApp. This app helps to set up the auto-response for WhatsApp either you everyone or for a single contact. There are a number of limitations in the free app. Thus by paying only 5$, you will get into the premium version which will open all important features.

Conclusion: Thus these are important apps for WhatsApp users. Theses apps providing auto-responding, scheduling messages, transcribing the audio message and other features which are missing in WhatsApp. These apps enhance WhatsApp experience by providing excellent features. There are also some other apps which provide other features too like Cropshop, sticker maker, App lock and many more. Try them out and let us know in the comment section about how was your experience about these apps.

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