automatically skip youtube ads on android without root

How to Automatically Skip YouTube Ads on Android without Rooting ?

Whenever we start watching YouTube videos on our Android phone, the most irritating thing we found are the unwanted Ads on YouTube. If we get the ads on any website or browser, we simply enable Ad Blocker to disable the Ads easily. But there is no any YouTube Ad blocker that can disable the Ads on our Android Device. So, In this article, I will tell you the possible way to automatically skip YouTube ads on Android without Rooting.

Over the years, YouTube ads are used to monetize the videos and YouTubers make money from them. Every time we get the ads on YouTube we need to skip the ads by clicking on the screen. You might have seen too many ads while watching videos of longer than minutes.

Every time you get the ad, you need to Skip it manually that irritates a lot. If you use any Ad blocker on your phone then you can able to block the ads of browser and other apps but you can’t block ads on YouTube videos. Either the ads appear as before or your videos may get blocked. I found an Android app that is able to automatically skip YouTube ads easily on Android without having root access.

automatically skip youtube ads on android without root

You may have seen many YouTube Ad Blockers that works only on Rooted Android devices. Those apps also need to Install Xposed framework to run the app properly. But what to do if you don’t have rooted Android phone? You don’t need to worry about it because developer Erwin Goslawski developed an Android app to overcome the problem of unwanted YouTube ads.

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This is the best application that allows us to automatically skip YouTube videos on Android without rooting. The application is not available on Google play store but you can download from XDA labs. It works very smoothly if you have the latest version of YouTube app. You don’t need any extra settings to configure the application. Let’s see the steps to activate the application.

How to Automatically skip YouTube Ads on Android without Root ?

1) Firstly, Download the Ad Skip Android app in your phone – Download here

2) After downloading the Apk file, Install and open the app.

enable youtube ads blocker

3) Now you will be asked to turn on the accessibility when you enable the feature on the app.

automatically block youtube videos

4) Turn on the accessibility in the settings and just turn off the option ‘Mute audio during ads’ to skip the ads faster.

automatically skip youtube ads on android without root

5) That’s all you need to block YouTube ads on videos. Now watch freely and it will automatically skip YouTube Ads without touching your phone.

In this way, you can automatically skip YouTube ads on Android without Root. You might love this Article if you watch YouTube videos daily. Share this article with your friends if they also YouTube lover. Thanks for reading this article and keep visiting daily for latest Tricks.

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